How To Cancel Online PF Transfer Request

Have you just initiated online PF transfer requested and found that you have done a mistake? In that case, I am sure you might be looking to cancel the PF transfer request online. So, that you can correct the information and initiate the transfer request again.

In this article, I will share few of the scenarios in which you may want to cancel your PF transfer request claim online. And in such situations how can actually cancel your online PF transfer request.

Case 1: Cancel Online PF Transfer Request Raised By Self

If you have linked your PF account with UAN (Universal Account number) and also linked your PF number with Aadhaar then you can easily utilize the latest facility to transfer your PF account from old employer to new employer.

  • Enter Your KYC documents details to log in to OTCP Portal
  • Under CLAIM menu option, you can click on “Request for Transfer of EPF Account.”

Now after submission, if you think you have provided some wrong information, then 2 things can be done

  • As your employer or old employer receive the application, then will verify the details and find that discrepancy. Then they will reject the form automatically and resend to you for corrections.
  • Another way is that, after submitting the form 13 for online PF transfer, one must take the print out and send to the respective employer in next 15 days. In case you think there is some mistake in the form data, then better don’t send the form so that your application gets rejected automatically.
  • 3rd option by contacting the department directly and request them to cancel the PF transfer online.

Case 2: How to cancel PF transfer in case employer approved the request

Well, there is no such solid process though. But obviously, if your application gets approved by the employer and after that, you have realized some mistake then you have to contact to EPFO directly and explain them properly to cancel your PF transfer request.

E.g. if you have resigned from company A and raise a request for PF transfer to B. But later on your have moved to company C. In that case, ideally, your PF account should move from A -> C.

So, in such situation I think EPFO should automatically cancel this PF transfer or company B will not accept the transfer request. Although I am not 100% sure about this process as I don’t have such experiences.

Have you experienced in such situations and what was the way out to make the PF transfer successful? Please write a comment below and share your knowledge or experience if any.

I wrote this article, as I get a couple of emails regarding this topic “how to cancel online PF transfer request“. I tried to find out some information to help my readers to get some idea. You can also follow my website for further updates on this topic.

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