How to Create CV Online for Free: Top 5 Websites

You might not get a second chance to catch the interest of your potential employer. So your resume or CV should be enough eye-catchy to grab the interest of the employer. But how to make a CV look professional easily? In this situation won’t it be great to find some websites to create CV online for free?

The CV or curriculum vitae or resume is one of the very first documents the recruiters will see. That’s why the document should look interesting by highlighting your strength & potential. And at the same time it should be easy to scan through also.

If you are thinking that is there any difference between a CV and a resume, then the answer is, YES. And the main difference is in the length. A resume gives a one to two page summary of your education, skills and experiences (if any). Whereas, a curriculum vitae covers more details including a detailed description of projects, achievements, professional & personal interest etc. It is primarily used while applying for jobs in IT, education, science, and research.

How to Create CV Online for Free

If you have just passed your college, then you might find it difficult to design a powerful and professional looking CV. So today, we will share Top 5 Best Websites to create CV online for free.

How to Create CV Online for Free


CV Maker is one of the best Website to create CV online for free. The user interface is very powerful yet easy to use. It also provides few free resume templates to use. It collects the information in two different ways.You can either complete simple and small forms provided in various categories or sync information by connecting your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

You can always modify and preview the end results once the information is collected. After that you can download your CV in different formats like Word/PDF /HTML. It can also be downloaded in your preferred language.


With CeeVee, you can create your CV online for free by editing your profile online. You are free to fill in the information in any order you want. It has three different themes to choose from so that you can choose how the CV will look like.

The document can be customized by removing existing sections or adding new sections. You can also add as many entries as you need to each section. It also support downloading in PDF formats, share your Resume online and Print it. You can also choose from, which will affect both the display on the website, as well as the output document.


Slash CV is another best online resume builder for free. You can create a smart and clutter free resume easily with Slash CV. It gives you a powerful, yet unique service like, sharing your resume online using personal links on their website.

Another interesting feature is that you can save your CV in just a few clicks directly to your cloud drop box folder.You can also download your resume in PDF format by choosing any of the beautiful templates available.


VisualCV is an online creative CV maker based on info graphic. You can get rid of the boring text only resume as it provides a CV incorporating graphics in them. VisualCV is a multimedia online resume builder where you can add a professional picture of yours.

Interviews are happening online nowadays. So it is definitely better to provide a visually effective Resume with Links, Graphs, Photos, Videos (wherever applicable). You can convert your current resume to a Visual CV by either uploading it to the site or syncing your LinkedIn profile.


JobSpice is a very popular website to create CV online for free. Creating a professional resume is just a cakewalk with JobSpice. You can provide the details by importing your LinkedIn account data. After small editing, your new CV will be generated within a few minutes.

This online resume builder has also been featured in many popular sites like Mashable, NBC, VentureBeat, PCWorld among many others.

In just a few clicks, this easy to use top 5 best website to create CV online for free will collate & compile your information into a well-designed professional CV template. So which one is your favorite online CV maker?

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