First things first; domain extensions are the last part of the domain name. They are also known as Top-level domains. Choosing the right domain name extension can be helpful in your SEO campaigns as well. For example – if you are starting a blog or business website, you need to know whether you should book a .com domain or .in domain.

Why Do You Need To Find The Right Domain Extension?

Making the website success is key to any successful enterprise. Thus, it is extremely important to use the right domain extension. They help make your website look highly professional, memorable, and attractive. Before you check domain availability for your chosen brand names, it’s useful to know more about extensions.

Domain extensions can be of the following types:

1. Generic Top-level Domains (gTLD)

They were .com, .net and .org. Since 2014, more focussed gTLDs have come in use. Examples:  .tea, .art, .blog.

2. Generic Restricted Top Level Domains

These are much like gTLDs, but are more restricted. Additional information is asked for  when registration is done. Examples:   .name, .pro., and .biz.

3. Sponsored Top Level Domains

They are specialized TLDs, available to very specific kind of groups. Examples; .aero. .gov,  .edu. .travel, etc.

4. Country Code Top Level Domains

An example shall be sufficient to explain these These extensions are – .nz,,, and That is, examples of domain extensions for New Zealand websites.

Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Extension

Choose an extension based on the purpose of your site

You can decide between different domain names and extensions based on the purpose of the website. It is beneficial to use com or .biz domain extension if you are launching an online business. Similarly, .org can be a desirable option if you are an organization.

Target specific geographical region In order to get better local results for your organization or business, target the local region. Make use of a local SEO to select a suitable domain extension that matches your location.

Aim to rank highly in search engines

It is extremely crucial for any website owner to rank high in the search engines thus; taking help of Search Engine Optimization is of utmost importance. They help in improving the visibility of your site.

Commonly used TLDs

The most popular TLDs are:


It is a highly popular domain extension which is generally used for commercial websites. Nowadays, it is used for all type of websites.


It was meant for networked websites. But since “net” implies technology and networking, now it is extensively used for technological companies.


It is used in case of organizations when your website is for a not for profit company.


This is particularly reserved for the registration of public. It is generally used by educational institutions.


It is a highly suitable domain extension for business websites. Even though it can be used as an alternative option to (dot) com, but it has its own drawbacks since spammy sites use it frequently.

Registering A New Domain Extension

The process of registering a new domain extension is done by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Thus by registering a new domain extension you can share your knowledge and voice to the world and make your website more popular. New top-level domains are available. In order to register them, an application fee needs to be paid to ICANN. Sufficient technical and legal capabilities are required to ensure that you are reputable to run a registry.


1. Does domain extension matter?

How much a domain extension matters, depends mostly on the type of end user. An average end user will generally not notice the domain extension while clicking on an existing link. But for people who are looking for specific kinds of websites,s the domain extension matters a lot. The extension creates a general understanding of the website. It is thus important to use an impressive extension which makes the website look extremely professional and appealing.

2. What is the need for new TLDs? 

Earlier, there were only 22 top level domains in use. Later ICANN organization realized that there was a lack of supply of ideal TLDs and the remedy to this problem was the addition of new domain extensions. Thus providing us with creative and more better ways to develop a website.

3. What is the difference between the different phases of registration? 

Here are the phases of registration of domain extensions:

a. General availability phase

In this phase, the domain extensions are made available to the public at large. They can be secured on the first-come and first-served basis. Various different websites which offer TLDs need to be searched for the new ones.

b. The early access period

The alternative to priority domain registration for new domains is the early access period. During the first week, this option functions on a sliding scale. The fee structure is variable depending on the day the purchase is made. The earlier the purchase is made, the higher the price is.

c. Trademark holder

This is the earliest period and is referred to as the sunrise period. People those who have a validated trademark by Trademark Clearinghouse are the only ones who can avail the benefit of this option.

d. Pre-registration period

It is the period during which we submit name before the desired domain extension goes into live registration during the general availability period.

e. Priority Pre-registration period

This is the period which allows us to pay a premium to place the request of registered in the Pre-registration period ahead of anyone.

4. What is the difference between closed, open and restricted domain extensions? 

In case of the closed domain extension, a single company applies for its own purposes run a gTLD. For instance, .microsoft or .lego.

In case of the restricted domain extension, there is a restriction on what the gTLD is for. For instance, .paris is only available to people and businesses in Paris.

Open domains, on the other hand, are those in which anyone can register the domain extension for whatever they like – just like today’s .com extension.

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