How To Download TikTok App On Jio Phone (Watch TikTok Videos)

Can we really download TikTok App on Jio Phone? Well this is what I am going to discuss in this article and also share some amazing trick to watch TikTok videos on your Reliance Jio Phone without installing TikTok on your Jio Phone. Tik Tok app has become very popular in India and today everyone wants to know how to install the tik-tok app in Jio Phone.

Can I Install TikTok on Jio Phone?

Reliance Jio Phone or Jio Smartphone has very limited number of apps. Jio is a feature phone. Like other feature phones, you can only download apps that are available in its store. TikTok is not available in Jio’s store so you can’t download it unless Jio provides it in their app store. You can’t Download the TikTok app to a Jio phone.

So skip every possible link or suggestions related to Download Tik Tok App On Jio Phone. As this might be a malware attack as well and I would say you should not take any chance. But that doesn’t mean that you can watch TikTok videos on your Jio Phone. Just read the article further.

How To Watch TikTok Videos on Jio Phone Without Installing TikTok

Yes, you don’t have to install TikTok App to watch amazing funny TikTok videos on your Jio Phone. There are multiple ways to enjoy funny TikTok videos on your smartphone.

1. Watch TikTok Videos on YouTube (TikTok Trick 1)

Today almost every famous TikTok start has their own YouTube channel. Personally even if I am using an Android phone where I can easily install TikTok, I don’t have that app. Because I watch those amazing entertaining TikTok videos of popular TikTok celebrities on YouTube only.

2. Visit TikTok Official website (TikTok Trick 2)

Yes, you can also watch TikTok videos without installing TikTok App just by visiting the official TikTok website. You have to open their trending page. This is the link: . This is the best place to find all trending & popular videos on TikTok and enjoy.

3. Follow TikTok Social Media Platforms (TikTok Trick 3)

You can also follow different social platforms of TikTok like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter where they generally upload videos from popular TikTok stars & all trending videos. I am sure you can easily access these social media platforms form your Jio phone and enjoy watching TikTok videos.


So don’t get disappointed if you are not able to download TikTok App on your Jio Phone. As TikTok is becoming one of the most popular Apps in India, I am sure in coming days Jio Phone will include TikTok App on their App Store as well. Till that time enjoy these TikTok tricks to watch TikTok videos on your JIO Phone without installing it.