How To Register LIC Policy Online – Step By Step Guide

Do you have an LIC policy? Are you planning to buy a new LIC plans? Or do you wan to do some changes in your existing LIC policy online? Whatever is you need, now you can easily track your LIC policy online by registering your policy online.

In this article I will share the simple step by step guide which will help you to create your account with LIC of India. I am using this LIC of India online account to pay the premium on time and also get SMS alert for the premium payment reminder service as well.

Why You Should Enroll LIC policy online

LIC has discontinued around 45 policies in last couple of years. Many policy holders are now in a dilemma what to do with the policy they have subscribed but now stopped continuing by IRDA. People are interested to know how much bonus their lic policy accumulated till date or is it a good idea to surrender their lic policy etc. But whatever you want to do you can first check out your existing lic policy details online and then do your further calculation accordingly.

So, what is your reason to register with LIC of India?

Steps To Register LIC Policy Online & Check Bonus

You might have already know about this  but you have not yet identified that you can find accumulated bonus details for your lic policy online itself. For that you have to enroll your lic policy with website. This is a very simple step to follow.

lic policy registration guide

Step 1: First you have to visit LIC India’s online registration page to register or enroll your lic policy.

Website address:

Step 2: Provide your LIC policy details and submit the form. Carefully fill up the registration form online with all proper & accurate details without any mistake.

Step 3: Then you have to set up a password and a use-rid. Choose a password which is unique and can’t be tracked by any one. It is always better to choose a password with letters + numeric+ special characters to make it strong. Your LIC policy portal login details are ready now.

Step 4: After successful login to your account, simple look for various options. Next in the control panel you can see the Enroll Policies link. Simply click on that and provide your policy details and submit the same.

Step 5: After successful submission you can click on the View Enrolled Policies link and provide the necessary captcha. You can find your registered policy details. Here you can also find a link with Vested Bonus. Now click on the same and you will be able to find out the eligible bonus amount accumulated till date.

Now you can calculate your paid up value or surrender value with the bonus amount included in that same to decide whether to continue or surrender your lic policy. Besides that you can also find many other information here. You can find out the next LIC policy premium payment date, you can take print out of any paid premium receipt, policy maturity notification, pay your lic policy premium online etc.

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  1. I can t enroll more than one policy in my lic online account. I checked dob, name and all the things are fine but status shown error

  2. I have successfully enrolled my daughter policy along with me . When I try to pay premium online below message coming . Can I pay my daughter policy online . Please advise.

    ‘Premium should be paid on the policy owned by you only.’

  3. i have two policies in lic. one is my daughter policy.that one already enrolled in lic online. but second one is still showing “error”. why this happens. my date birth is correct but showing “error” please clear mu doubt.

  4. Hello.. I have a lic policy in which premium payt is half yearly ! M not able to enroll it online ! Please tell how to enroll it online ! Rest all policies are single yearly payt policies which are successfully enrolled .

    Plz help and guide

  5. I have registered in lic login account. i have 21 policies by my name that is retire n enjoy plan. but problem is that when iam enrolling my all policies in my login account. its not taking and status showing error only 2 policies are enrolled successfully. i dont know what is the issue even all policies by same name same date of birth same address. only premium and term are different.

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