How to File Your Income Tax Returns Online for Free

Want to know how to file your income tax returns online for free?

In this article we will discuss about the free income tax e filing procedure. Now e filing of income tax return is mandatory for income over 5 lakhs per annum.

Finally we have reached to the month of July when we have to file income tax online or offline to Indian Tax department. If you are expecting some return then you have to file your IT return online within time. In case you have nothing to get back from the Income tax department, then also you have to file your income tax record to that department.

How to File Your Income Tax Returns Online for Free

So now the question is how to approach or how to know about when to submit and what are the forms to submit to file your income tax return. Can you file your income tax return online for free or is it chargeable?

How to File Your Income Tax Returns Online

You can do this on your own online or offline if you are aware about the steps. In case you are an corporate employee then you might get an email from your employer about IT return filling.

Some third party vendors will collect the documents from you and do the e-filling from your behalf. This is the most hassle free process where you have to pay that tax consultant Rs 200-250/-. Such services are provided by some income tax efiling websites.

Website to File Income Tax Returns Online


Last year had allowed women employees to file income tax return online for free.

File Your Income Tax Return Online for Free

In case you don’t want to spend money and have enough time and patience to fill the various ITR-V forms then you can easily file your income tax return online free. You can just visit and follow the steps to start your e-filling. The basic and mandatory thing here is, you have to register with your PAN number and then follow the steps to fill the forms.

It is very important for you to provide correct information about your income to the income tax department. So this is a very crucial step for your financial life. For people receiving form-16 on time can provide the form-16 to any tax consultant or online income tax e filing websites to prepare and submit your details.

Although it costs a little bit but this is an error free and less time consuming process as you may not get enough time to file your income tax return online. But if you still look for a free process to file your IT return, then better to Log on to IncomeTaxIndiaEfiling Website.

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