How to get Airtel 4G SIM card free

Looking for airtel 4g sim card for free? Then check out this article on how to get airtel 4g sim card free and upgrade to the fastest mobile network in India. Actually Airtel is providing the free 4G upgrade to their existing customers. That means, if you are already using mobile data with Airtel 3G and want to upgrade to Airtel 4G, then its absolutely free for you.

How to get airtel 4g sim card free

Follow the below step by step guide to get your airtel 4g sim card for free

  • First of all visit Airtel swap page.
  • Select your city to apply for free 4G SIM card from Airtel.
  • Provide necessary details on that page like enter your name, mobile number, address, email id.
  • Next click on “Send me a 4G sim”.
  • You’ll see success message.
  • Your new airtel 4G SIM will be delivered to the provided address within 4 working hours.

So, you got your Airtel 4g sim card free. What is next?

How to use Airtel 4g sim card free

  • Now replace your old Airtel SIM with new 4G sim you got just now.
  • Send a SMS to 121 typing SIM <Your 20 digit SIM number>. (find out this number in the back of your SIM card and type it carefully without any mistake)
  • Next press 1 to confirm your selection.
  • You will find your network will disconnect and then wait for 10 minute. 
  • After that switch off your mobile phone and switch on again.
  • Your SIM will be ready to access 4G feature in next 5 minute. Congratulations, your new Free Airtel 4G SIM card is activated now. Now you can access 2G, 3G, 4G networks from your mobile phone without changing the number itself.

So, did you upgrade to Free Airtel 4G SIM card? If not then follow the steps and activate your Airtel 4G network now only. For any sort of doubt or issues, it is better to visit your nearest Airtel showroom and ask them help you to activate Airtel 4G network on your mobile phone.

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