How To Get Passport Appointment Online 2018 – Tips & Tricks

After successful application of passport online, your next step will be to manage an appointment to visit local PSK for further proceeding. So you might want to know how to get passport appointment online. Let me tell one thing, recently the process to get passport appointment online has become more easy compared to previous. Now you will get the appointment date as soon as you complete your passport application form and proceed for payment. I have updated the latest screenshot of the page that you will get after proceeding towards passport fee payment online.

How to get Passport Appointment Online

Points to note while booking Passport Appointment Online

  • As per the location you have selected you will get all the nearest PSK locations listed. Here you can see 4 options have been provided.
  • The dates are chosen auto-generated, that means you can select as per your convenient. Whatever date will appear you have to continue if you are ok. Next screen will be the payment page.
  • In case you don’t want to or will not be visit PSK on that day then cancel the session right now. But if you have already booked an appointment, you have to cancel or reschedule passport appointment date.

Book a passport Appointment online – Old process

But this is not as simple as it looks like. Although this facility can be availed only via online, but the time for slot booking is very less and at the same time many people try to book slot, so it’s not guaranteed that whether you can get an appointment in one attempt only. There are few tricks to manage an appointment but those are also not 100% proof. Let’s discuss about this and find out how to get passport appointment online.

First of all, visit PassportIndia website and login with your email id. Then from the first screen click on “View Saved/Submitted Applications”.

how to get passport appointment online tips tricks

Now in the next screen you can see your submitted forms details.

how to get passport appointment online tips tricks 1

For security reason, I have scratched the personal details. Here you can see your application details. Next click on the “Manage Appointment” option.

how to get passport appointment online tips tricks 2

Now from here click on “Create Appointment” button in the right side.

how to get passport appointment online

Now here you have to select the PSK location and then fill the numbers in the box. Then click on “Show Available Slots”. Now from here the interesting facts starts.

For every PSK there will be some schedule at what time the database will be open for passport appointment booking. E.g. for PSK Kolkata it is 3 PM every day. You cannot try before that. Otherwise you will get a message same in the screen. Now if you try from 3 PM and able to view the next screen, then you can see the available slots. Simply you can click on a slot and further proceed for booking.

But this thing is not so easy. As many people try at the same time, so the database responds to only them who has a high speed or 3G internet. For a general internet speed you might reach to that screen, but by the time you click and book a slot, some will finish the booking itself. So practically there is no such trick to get an appointment for passport application. But we have couple of choices or alternatives to get an appointment. Let’s check them and try to find out whether they are useful or not.

  • First thing you can do is to take high speed internet connection. If you don’t have that or you cannot replace your existing one then find out among your friends. It will be a just 5 min task.
  • Always keep trying to log in before 5 min of actual time. Keep trying, although you will get the massage. Because everyone will do the same.
  • If you are able to manage a slot, then in the next screen you have to fill up the captcha or verification letters. Don’t be in hurry, fill it up very carefully. Remember if you miss a single word, then you will not get a chance to come back again. You have to try next day.
  • This is the last option after you have failed after trying many times. Although this might be illegal, but it is one of the popular ways. Hire a broker. You can find them easily just outside the PSK office. They will charge you some money and you have to provide your login details. They used to have a very high speed internet to run this business. And without any tension they will arrange an appointment for you.

So after implementation of technology and improving the services actually the new passport application procedure has its own drawback. And brokers are always there to take advantages of such options. Anyway you can share your experience here and let us know if there is any other better way to manage an appointment.

Might be this is not the case of every PSK locations, but I think people are facing issues. Please share your experiences of how to get passport appointment online for any PSK locations other than Kolkata.

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  1. I had taken 4 appointments and unfortunately all time failed to present infront of the office. sometime lack of documents. Now they rejected giving me more appointments and asking me to fill the form again. No fees will be refunded.

    Can you please advise something?

  2. hello,
    I dont find ‘show available slot’ in appointment rescheduling. It only shows next available appointment.
    pl let me know where I am wrong.

    1. Hi Deepak,
      This article has been written couple of years back, when I have applied for fresh passport. I believe by that time the online interface has been changed. And for that reason only you are getting the “Next Available Slot”. Thanks for the update.
      Would you like to share the latest passport online appointment system and your experience here?

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