How to Identify Income Tax Return Scams/Income Tax Refund Spam/Phishing Mail

Are you getting any income tax related mails in your mailbox? How will you identify whether it is any Income Tax Return Scams or Income tax refund spam mail or not?

The Income Tax efiling period is going to be over this financial year 2015-16. Now its time to get the refunds back into you account from Income tax department, which is obviously a very good news. But do you know that there are few people who are waiting to grab this as a money making opportunity by making people fool.

I have received a mail from one of my friend where I have noticed someone received an email saying how much income tax refund he is going to get back from Income Tax department. By looking at the mail no one can doubt about the trick of such mails. Here I will share the entire images and how to identify such mails and make yourself safe form being bankrupt.

But before that let me clear you few points about income tax refund process

1) At the time of e-filing your income tax return at that time only you will realize how much extra amount is paid from your end as income tax and that much amount you will get back. So that in future if you get some mail you can match the amount and verify that whether it is same or not.

Remember IT department will never refund you more money than your expected amount and even if that happens, they will make sure that you will pay that extra amount back. So there is no point to be happy to see more amount than your expectations. So always be-aware about that and never play with IT department, than you are safe from such spam mails.

2) Next thing is, if you are eligible for a refund then income tax department will send you a cheque of that amount via post office (not by Pvt courier also) at your address. And you have already provided your bank account details in the form in case you are expecting a bank transfer. Which means there will be no scene when IT department will ask you to provide your bank account over your emails address. So never click on such links to provide your email address. If you are aware of that then you are safe.

These are not some phishing trick or some rocket science to remember but to make you alert and aware. Always think thousand times to act on any mail which asks some private data about money, bank details, password etc.

Now let’s check out the entire Income tax return scam mail chain and how can you be trapped on that if you follow according to that mail.

1) First some one may get a similar mail like below.

income tax return scams

2) If you click on the link “CLICK HERE”, it will take you to which definitely looks like a fishy website, as IT Dept websites will always have https or .in or .gov in the web address.

income tax scams 2015

3) If you select AXIS BANK/ HDFCBANK or any other bank from the drop box, it will take you to the respective Bank’s Homepage but the web url address stills remains of

income tax scams in india


Please forward to as many people as possible and make them aware of these Income Tax Return Scams or Income tax refund spam mails.

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