How To Make Money On Instagram

You must have heard about people who earn considerable amounts of cash just by posting their pictures online. Well, you can also get paid for Instagram posts too, if you have a large following on the platform.

Instagrammers, as they are called have two very important things up their sleeve- reach and influence. These two things offer creators on Instagram to juggle numerous sources of cash inflow.

  • How much money do you make from Instagram?
  • How do food bloggers make money on Instagram?
  • How many followers do you need on Instagram to get paid?

Honestly, not as many as you are thinking about right now. The following quota is directly linked to the niche you are delving into- beauty, food, fitness or something else. It also depends upon the activity rate of your followers and the revenue channels you decide to explore.

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How can you actually make money on Instagram?

If you have a unique brand that you are willing to share the world, you can easily become an Internet sensation. Here are some ways in which you can make money from Instagram:

  • Publishing sponsored posts from brands that want you to promote their product
  • By becoming an affiliate and earning a commission from other brands’ products
  • Creating and selling products and/or services online
  • Selling your photographs.

Let’s find out some real ways to earn money on Instagram.

Working with brands

If you are a social influencer, it basically means that you have a hold on the tastes of your followers. You can influence their choices, quite literally, with the products you endorse. Many brands struggle to establish that type of influence, which is why they seek out these influencers to promote their products. But more than the number of followers, the brand looks for the trust and engagement that you share with your followers.

Once a brand asks you to be their influencer, you can charge an adequate amount per post or per product. This will bring in a significant amount of money into your bank account.

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Become an affiliate

An affiliate is different from an influencer because affiliates are more interested in generating sales for the partner brand instead of establishing a good reputation. They do this by using a trackable link or a unique promo code to ensure that each click results in sales. You need to add one link at a time to your bio because Instagram only allows clicks on your bio.

Though it sounds drab and mathematical, you need to be quite creative to be an affiliate. In fact, you will have a better chance at success if you become an affiliate and expand your presence online to other channels of marketing.

Open your own store

You don’t have to work with other brands and companies to earn good amounts of cash from Instagram. You can even open your own store and sell physical goods, services, and digital items. You can even do this while being affiliated with another brand, in which case your products and services should be an extension of their original items.

Let’s take a look at some of the services you can offer:

  • Printing services, where customers can get customized printed t-shirts
  • Sell photographs or consultations, offering people more information if they visit your official website.
  • You can even sell digital products such as courses, e-books, and design templates
  • You can even sell your original products, like a book you might have written.

Sell your photos or things online

You cannot get famous by posting jokes on Instagram. Since it is a photo-sharing app at its core, you can license, print and sell the photographs in various ways. For example, if you are a photographer by profession, you can earn a significant amount of money by selling your photographs online. Believe it, there are a lot more picture enthusiasts on the net than you think.

If you have any unique services of your own, you can also promote and sell your stuff online. Basically, Instagram works both as a promotion tool as well as a legitimate store.


Something that starts as a hobby can actually turn into a good business project, provided you have an active and engaged following. Being a creator on the Internet is not easy, but it is full of possibilities of various kinds. Hope you like this article about how to earn money from Instagram in India.