How to re enroll aadhar card online

Are you looking for re enrollment of aadhar card online? Are you among them who have applied Aadhar card but not received yet?

Many people have enrolled for Aadhar card online by visiting aadhar distribution centers or even via Aadhar online portal. But due to couple of reasons, they may not receive Aadhar card yet. For them there is only one option left, re enrollment of aadhar card online.

Why re enrollment of aadhar card?

There could be many reason for which one have to apply aadhar card again. Few of them as per my assumption could be

  • Initially Govt. has organised massive campaigns to distribute Aadhar card to maximum people. At the time, your application might be missed out somewhere. In that case you have to reapply again, in case status is showing different than expected one.
  • In case you have lost your aadhar card, you can re enroll aadhar card to get a new one or a duplicate aadhar card.
  • In case your aadhar card got damaged, then also you can re enroll to get a fresh aadhar card.

Who are under this Aadhar Re-Enrollment process?

Actually this is not applicable for everyone who applied Aadhar card before 01/04/2012, but for them who has below status of application. Just check your Aadhar card status online and check whether your application status is same as below or not.

Status: Rejected
Status: Not Found
Status: Can’t be processed due to Technical Reasons

How to re enroll aadhaar card online

If you have applied for aadhar card earlier and have the 14 digit aadhar number, then first check your aadhar status online.

Re enrollment of aadhaar card process is similar to a fresh aadhar card application only. Simply visit your nearest authorized aadhar enrollment center and file your request with mandatory documents.

Did you find any difficulty to get your aadhar card? Was it resolved easily or you have put a great fight with the system? Share your views, experiences here to make this information worth.

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  1. status:This Aadhaar number has been temporarily inactivated. Please visit out enrollment center to update your biometrics and activate the Aadhaar number
    uska kya kare

  2. Sir mera Aadhaar card update nahi ho raha hai mera Aadhar number hai 561455899832 sir maine 4 time Aadhar card update Kiya but nahi go raha hai Kya problem hai kuch samaj nahi aaraha hai maine kuch din pahle collector office me jake information liya to Waha se kuch is tarha ka rizan pata Chala hai unke user pe dikha raha hai ( this aadhaar number has been temporarily inactivated please visit out enrollment center to update your biometrics and activate the aadhaar number ) is tarha ka error hai Kya karna chahi he plz sir help me my contact number hai
    ( 9860535868,9766942784)

  3. Here I am (Satish Bonde) inform you that my sister (Asha Sandip Asutkar) aadhar card not recieved from Date : 17/12/2011 of registered.
    Re Enrollement No. Status Rejected.

    Name : Asha Sandip Asutkar
    W/O. : Sandip Asutkar
    Enrollment No. : 2006/34056/00579 Date : 20/04/2015 13:29:21 Location Id : 273313 Mobile No. : 9922775610
    Enrollment No. : 2006/34019/88662 Date : 04/02/2016 14:14:23 Location Id : 273313 Mobile No. : 9922775610
    Enrollment No. : 1207/80411/12679 Date : 14/03/2013 18:02:44 Location Id :0033
    Date of Birth : 15/03/1986

    Husband Name : Sandip Natthuji Asutkar
    Enrollment No. : 1180/11177/05864
    Aadhar NO. : 591678873728
    Date : 17/12/2011

  4. Dear sir
    I m virupashkshppa i apply for adhar card again again but take the enrolment but not get adhar card i will check in internet not showing my adhar details what is next process
    this is request letter.

  5. sir mene 3 bar aadhar card banba liya ha jo lekin 1 bar bhi bankar nahi aaya ha uske
    stutes ko chake karte ha to This Aadhaar number has been temporarily inactivated. Please visit out enrollment center to update your biometrics and activate the Aadhaar number

  6. I have applied for aadhar card in this date 14/03/2015 and in this time 12:32:04 and I received the 14 digit enrollment number 1110/93130/10091, But I had verified in this website, But my aadhar card status is showing No information is available for the entered ID and This enrollment has not been received for processing, But not received yet? What is the process of re-enrollment?

    1. I think you can re apply Aadhar card online by following those websites only. But try to find out your first application status first, otherwise your next application may get rejection.

  7. My Aaadhar card status is showing rejected. what is the process of re-enrollment.
    Or how to download aadhar card online.

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