How To Book / Refill HP Gas Cylinder Online 2018

Do you have a HP gas connection and want to know how you can book a cylinder online without visiting any nearest HP gas office? Then you are at the right place as I will be sharing all the ways through which you can book your cylinder online in just few seconds.

If you have not applied for hp gas connection online, then you can easily do the same using their online portal itself. I have travelled couple of times in various cities due to job transfer. If you want to transfer hp gas connection to other city online, you can follow my article shared previously.

In fact if you want to switch from HP gas to other, you can easily transfer hp gas connection to indane, Bharat gas etc through LPG connection portability facility. Anyway, let’s explore the current topic and make life easier. 🙂

HP Gas Booking Process 2018 | Steps to Refill HP Gas Online and Offline

You can now easily book your cylinder refill request via online or on telephone request. Previously the procedure of refilling a HP LPG cylinder was just pathetic.

People has to visit the gas distributors office, be in the queue for long duration and then submit the request. Then later on they will get the cylinder.

In some places (E.g. my native place Udaipur, Tripura) there were no one to carry the cylinder to your doorstep. You have to be in the queue for long, book the cylinder and then travel your own to the address to collect the cylinder and carry the same to home managing some transport.

But things are changing gradually. But in cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc things are totally different. Follow the simple steps below and explore the process to make this process simple.

Step #1 : First of all you have visit the MyHPGas Official Website page for place an order. There you will find 3 ways to order a HP gas cylinder refill.

  • Online – Click to Book
  • SMS – Click to Know more
  • IVRS – Click to Know more
  • HP Gas mobile app

As per the option, you have to log in to your HP gas online portal and from there you can easily book a gas cylinder.

Step #2 : Besides that, you can directly call the HP Gas IVRS numbers and easily book a cylinder online. You have to call to that number (Different numbers for different states) and then system will guide you to put necessary details.

Step #3 :  Provide your 6 digit customer id and then proceed further with the refill request. As soon as you complete the process you will receive an SMS with booking reference number. In case there is a big queue, you will also receive the status of your booking number like “up to certain number the queue is cleared”.

Step #4 : You will get the cylinder as soon as the earlier queue get cleared, you will receive the cylinder at your doorstep. This process can take some time depending on the queue.

List of HP anytime contact phone numbers of different states

States  Areas Phone Number
Andhra Pradesh 96660 23456
Bihar & Jharkhand 95071 23456
Delhi & NCR 99909 23456
Gujarat 98244 23456
Kerala 99610 23456
Karnataka 99640 23456
Maharashtra & Goa 88888 23456
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh 96690 23456
Odisha 90909 23456
Punjab 98556 23456
Rajasthan 78910 23456
Tamil Nadu 90922 23456
Puducherry 90922 23456
Uttar Pradesh 98896 23456
West Bengal 90888 23456

Simply dial the number as per your state and register your phone number with customer id and then proceed for refill booking. I hope these data is correct and accurate as I am not updating them regularly. I would request you to make a note in the comment section, in case you find any information need to be updated by writing a simple comment below.

You can always refer to HP gas official website for all the changes in their terms & price of gas cylinder and other information. We will be updating this article with related changes accordingly.

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