How to Reissue Indian Passport Online

In previous article we have discussed about How to get Passport Appointment Online in detail. Now the next thing we will discuss here is How to Reissue Indian Passport Online.

Indian passport renewal or reissue procedure is very easy. After PSK implementation, you can reissue your passport via visiting PSK center or directly by visiting Passport India website. You can easily submit the passport reissue form online and follow further procedures.

But before that we will check why someone need to renew passport at all. Few points collected from passport India website are explained below.

  • The very first and obvious reason is if your passport is going to expire, then you have to renew or reissue passport before expiry date.
  • In case your current address is changed, you can reissue a fresh passport with new details. In that case you have to provide valid address proof.
  • Similarly in case you have to update any personal details or you want to correct some of your personal details. Then apply for passport reissue online.
  • Another reason is if all the pages of your passport hand book are exhausted, then you can reissue a passport.
  • By any chance if you have lost or damaged your passport, you have to reissue a new one.

You can always refer to passport India official website for latest information.

Now whatever be the situation in life, you have decided to reissue a passport. Then first of all visit the passport India official website and click on the log in option. In case you have not registered, then simply click on the register option and register first.

So we assume you have successfully logged in. Then you will be taken to the main screen.

apply for passport reissue online

Click on the “Apply for Fresh Passport / Reissue of Passport”.

how to renew passport online in india

Click for online application.

how to reissue Indian passport online

For reissue of Indian passport online application form select the “Re-issue of Passport” option. Then you can see many options will appear in the screen.

indian passport renewal online procedure

Now select the proper reason for which you are applying for reissue. After this option, the procedure is similar to fresh Indian passport online application procedure. You can easily follow the steps. Only thing you have to remember is you will have to provide the old passport details in some place to provide reference. Fill the rest of the details carefully and proceed further to submit the form. After that you have to manage an appointment for passport reissue & visit PSK centre for further procedure.

Hope this will resolve your query of how to reissue Indian passport online & you will be able to understand and handle the online portal while dealing with passport related issues. You can always share your experiences of Indian passport reissue procedure by putting a comment below.

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