How To Resubmit Rejected PF Claim | EPF Rejected How To Apply Again

There could be any reason for rejecting your EPF claim. You may either request for PF transfer to new employer or request for PF withdrawal. In both case, due to wrong information of the individual, your PF claim can be rejected.

Why Your EPF Claim Got Rejected?

I have also shared in a different post how you can correct your different personal information like father’s name, relationship, date of birth, date of joining, date of exit etc. Because, in case these information doesn’t match with your actual information, your EPF transfer request or EPF withdrawal request may get rejected.

In many cases, although you have shared these information 100% correct while opening your EPF account for the first time, the data may update wrongly due to the mistakes of EPFO people who have uploaded your data.

The best way to identify such a thing is by setting up your UAN (Universal Account Number) portal.

You can easily track your EPF details accessing the UAN portal. If everything is fine, make sure you link your Aadhaar with EPF account.

How To Resubmit Your Rejected EPF Claim?

As this is clear, you have to correct the wrong information updated with EPFO. To do that you have to follow the below article first and with the help of your Employer need to correct EPF records.

How To Update Date of Joining, Exit, DOB, Father Name in EPF Online

new epf withdrawal process

In case your Aadhaar card has wrong information, correct Aadhaar data first and then link EPF with Aadhaar so that you can raise a transfer or withdrawal request faster.

Finally, raise a PF transfer or PF amount withdrawal request again with all necessary details and supporting document. Make sure you have provided any of the valid document proof mentioned below while submitting your requests again. The complete process of EPF withdrawal or transfer you have to follow again.

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