How To Start a WordPress Blog in 2020 & Earn Money Online

Are you looking to generate online passive income sources beyond your regular income? Are you bored of trying all online make money scam programs?

Personally, I have also tried my level best to find out how one can make money online simply working from home. And finally, I have discovered blogging as the best way to generate some extra income besides my regular 9 to 5 job.

Yes, I am not a full-time blogger, just work whenever I get the time and able to make some good amount of extra money from this blog or website.

Before starting, have a look at the massive 3100+ words article explaining all 10 EASY steps to start a WordPress blog to make money online.

Here is a Table of contents with the points to be discussed in this master blogging cheat Sheet to create a website using WordPress self-hosted platform.

Step #1: Choose your blogging Nice.

Step #2: Buy a domain name [Check out]

Step #3: Buy a Shared Hosting Plan [ /, In case looking for India based hosting then Hostgator India is the best hosting provider]

Step #4: Install WordPress on Bluehost [Best web hosting provider]

Step #5: Get the best SEO friendly WordPress premium theme [Genesis Framework – The best premium WordPress Theme]

Step #6: Complete essential settings after installing WordPress on Hostgator / Bluehost

Step #7: Install all must have plugins for WordPress blog

Step #8: Tips to write blog posts in WordPress to rank first in Google

Step #9: Tips to get traffic to your website fast free

Step #10: Best ways to monetize your blog and make money

Are your ready to create a website using WordPress from scratch, then you have to read this 3100+ words article carefully before jumping onto action.

Don’t believe my words? Then check out screen shot below of our affiliate earning from Cuelinks network in last 3 months. You might be thinking who is Manidipa, She is my better-half and co-founder of

We haven’t got any payment yet from cuelinks, but feeling very excited with this income. You will find details about the blogging income sources we are using through our blogging networks to generate some extra income.

So, let’s back into the discussion……

In this article I will share easy steps to create a WordPress blog using Bluehost hosting plan. Bluehost provide one of the cheapest web hosting services with feature packed hosting plans which actually makes your life easy. Besides this, I will also share you how much you need to start a website or blog and what are the best ways to generate money form your blog. To make money from blogging, you have to invest first, keep patience and continue the blogging best practices to take your blog to the next level.

People say blogging is to write about experiences & personal stuffs. They are correct, as they don’t know how to generate money from blogging. But according to me, Blogging is business. Your blog is a platform where you are promoting & selling content, information, product whatever is your strength to make money. And starting a business with out any kind of investment is not possible. 🙂

I am getting many mails and comments from many people who are asking regularly “is it really possible to make money online?”. The answer Yes. Many people are running their own business from home and able earn handsome money to live happily. There are various business options one can choose from and start their own business from home. But in this article I will share about blogging or how you can start a website easily and make money form that.

How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost and make money

Starting a blog has become just few click way these days. There are various free blogging tools or free website creation tools with which one can create a website easily. But do you really think by using FREE stuffs you will be able to earn money? NO !!

I spend 2 years on free blogging platform and realized that when you are not ready to invest, how come you expect return from the same. But 1 year back I took some serious steps to take my blogging passion forward. In this article I will share all my experience and share how I have created this blog and able to make some extra money every month from advertising & promotions.

Actions Taken last year, 2015

  • I have changed my domain name from to Yes, I have moved to a .com domain name as there is no alternative to a .com domain name. Never compromise on domain name selection, make sure you don’t buy the domain name till you get the .com extension. [Click here to check now your domain name is available or not]
  • I have migrated from free Blogspot platform to WordPress self hosting platform. WordPress is the best blogging platform and after using it for more than 1 year I know how much proud I am with investment. You need a web hosting plan to host your self-hosted WordPress website. [Click here for Bluehost Shared hosting plans starting @ $3.95 only]
  • I have upgraded to a premium WordPress theme with Genesis Framework from Studiopress. Initially, I have enjoyed using various free WordPress themes and later got frustrated as I was not able to get what I was looking for. Later I have realized how much important it is to have a professional look design when you are blogging for long run with a plan. [Click here for Genesis Framework, the best & cheapest]
  • Subscribe to Mailchimp Newsletter service, to build a reader base. I have realized the power readership later on and understood that when people started recognizing your work or refer your hard work, then only you can convert your hobby into some business. And exactly the same happened to my self as well. Many of my articles are helping thousands of people and I am trying to continue to do the same thing. [Join Aweber or OptinMonster to capture your blog readers, never forget to check Optinmonster Coupon Code to save some money]

So these are the few steps I took in last year and things has changed like anything. I can see my blog’s traffic has been improved, many people are asking queries & engaging in various discussions and finding it really useful. The social media presence has also improved.

Now the question is how much money I able making from this website?

Frankly speaking the amount is very little so far to consider blogging as full-time. There are many pro-bloggers who are making huge money from blogging and they are not at all working from 9 to 5 like I am doing. But I am satisfied with the start as this blog is now the best source for me to generate some extra income every month. I will update the figures once I have reached to some significant number, like every pro-blogger is doing.

The major income sources for this website is

  • Writing Sponsored Reviews, Product Reviews
  • Google Adsense, Infolinks [not using now]
  • Affiliate marketing of popular Online shopping websites in India. I have used Vcommission, Cuelinks, OMG publisher so far.
  • Selling advertising space
  • Started couple of niche websites

Frankly speaking, I am really very happy to see that whatever the amount it is, but I am able to start something by own which is able to make some extra income every month. But it is not an easy task, as hard work is the only thing behind making money from blogging or generate passive income online.

If you are also excited to start a blog in 2018 and create an extra income source by your own, then you can follow the step below and spend very little amount of money while creating a website. Now I know where to invest and how much money one can save while starting a blog in 2016.

Steps to Create a Wordpress Blog on Bluehost 2018

So, I hope you have read enough so far and ready to move to the next step. From here you have to be ready to spend money as an investment for your blogging business. I will help you to choose the best products while saving huge money, as I have already experimented many of them so far know who are best in service and also seek less money.

Choose Your Blogging Niche & Register Domain Name

Do you know what are the most profitable niches to start a blog for making money? Brainstorm first and choose the blogging in which you think you can write regular articles. Next, look for the  .com domain name is available with that keyword.

E.g. initially my blog name was and later I have realized that I love to share about personal finance, every life how to guides, life hack tips & tricks etc. So I have decided to find something lie dailylifetips kind of name. But the .com extension was not available, so I have opted for

Now its your turn to look for the website domain name and register your blog’s name. In case of domain name, Godaddy is the best place to register a domain name. They provide very good support, the pricing is very low. In fact you can buy a .com domain with a registration for 2 or more years at a price of Rs 599.00 only.

[button-red url=”” title=”Visit ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” position=”center”]Checkout now !![/button-red]

[On click on the button, you will be redirected to Godaddy Coupon Code 2016 and Al Promotional Offers page. Apply the best one as per your need and save huge money. Change the currency as per your’s, in case you find it different]

Buy a web hosting plan & Install WordPress

A web hosting is the back bone of a website. If you don’t choose the best hosting plan then your website may get down anytime and you will lose the traffic & money. There are many web hosting companies around providing best hosting plans. But you should choose a web hosting company which is reliable, provide good support and most importantly many people are recommending & using them.

Shared Hosting from + Free Domain Name. [ Pay $3.95/month for a 3 year plan. Choose a longer period to save more. No need to apply any Bluehost Coupon Code 2016 to get this discount. Generally Bluehost doesn’t offer any coupon code, you will find many promotional offers time to time. Here you just have to use the link and complete the purchase, the discount promo code is already applied on this link]

Don’t have credit card or Paypal account, then visit Bluehost India website and buy a India based hosting plan. But I would recommend you to go with only. You can read the complete Bluehost review here before making your hosting decisions.

Note: Bluehost India and is completely 2 different entity. If you can pay in dollar, then it is best to choose over Bluhost India.

How to Buy a Hosting Plan from – Step by Step guide

Follow the simple and easy to follow step by step guide to buy a web hosting plan from with Free domain name.

Click Here To Start The Process

Click on Shared Hosting Plans. As a beginner it is always better to start with an affordable share hosting plan only. It will save money and also provide a good learning curve.

The first plan is best for starters to set up the first website. Better to start with one website only. In case you have other ideas, you can upgrade your web hosting plans in future anytime.

Next choose a domain name as per your preference. You can also map your existing domain name and proceed further.

Provide necessary personal information and scroll down below.

Now choose the 36 month package to get maximum hosting discount. The plan will cost you $3.95/month only. It is better to buy hosting for 3 years duration as blogging is a lifetime career option once you have started, whether you continue as a full-time blogger or part-time blogger.

Next, complete the payment. You will get some mails with your hosting details, DNS server name, Bluehost cPanel name and other necessary details. Next follow the steps to install WordPress on your newly purchase domain name.

How to Setup WordPress with Bluehost – Step by Step Guide

So, you have purchased a hosting plan from Bluehost and I am sure you are very happy as you have saved the money of your domain registration with Bluehost Domain Name Free offer. It’s really a great start towards building your blogging career.

Now, let’s proceed further to set up your blog on WordPress. You may think that, setting up a WordPress blog is tricky and one need technical knowledge to do so. Then, let me tell you that, this is one of the easiest task on this earth as Bluehost provide a 1 click installation user guide. Simply follow the step by step guide to install WordPress on your Bluehost domain name.

Login to your Bluehost cpanel with the user details received in your email id after buying Bluehost shared hosting plan. You will find a screen like below.

There you will find an icon “Install WordPress” under website builder area. Simply click on t he same to proceed.

You can either start a fresh installation or migrate your blogger blog to WordPress as well. Here we are considering a fresh WordPress installation.

Choose the domain name where you want to install WordPress. As you have purchased the domain name with the Bluehost hosting your domain name will be available automatically there.

Provide necessary information and choose user name & password. Provide a description and your email id as well to get notified about the installation as well as the login credentials. Finally click on the Install Now button.

You can see the status of installation. It will take hardly few seconds to complete the installation.

Upload a Premium WordPress theme to stay secure online

Its time to upgrade to a premium WordPress theme. You might think that why to spend more as you can use any of the free wordpress theme available online? Then let me explain you that, I have spend huge time struggling with various theme issues when i was using free wordpres sthemes. Then I have upgraded to Genesis Framework, the best SEO friendly WordPress theme created ever.

Click Here to view Demo & Details of Genesis Framework [ Price $59 only. ]

You can also buy all Studiopress themes by paying only $499.00. Check out Studiopress pro Plus All Theme pack. Studiopress doesn’t offer any coupon code for regular customer. In case you are a returning customer, you will get a good discount.

If you want to customize the theme further, then ready to spend more money. It took more then Rs 15,000 for me to customize this website and set all SEO factors, including the News Pro Child Theme from Studiopress.

Start capturing your audiance

Join any email Newsletter service to send free newsletters to your subscribers. I think Mailchimp is the best email newsletter service provider. You can get Free service till first 2000 subscribers. This is huge list. 🙂

In case you are planning for the best email subscription plugin, then check out Optinmonster.

How to make money from a website created on WordPress?

So, you have created your first website/blog and I will really wish you congratulations for the same, as you have taken the major step towards setting up your website. Now its time discover the facts about making money by using your website.

There are various ways one can monetize a blog or website. You can’t try them all at one go, rather you have to think first what kind of article you are writing or what kind of people you are going to target. By the way I have not explained how to write content regularly and build traffic to your blog. You can find such articles on our other blog

Anyway, let’s find out the working methods we have discovered to make money form our websites.

  1. Google Adsense: Google Adsense is the best program created ever to monetize your website content. But for that you need to write regularly quality articles and attract huge traffic. First apply for adsense account and after getting approval you can place the code within your content. But getting an adsense account approval is not at all an easy task these days. But maintain good blogging habit and keep trying. There are various other adsense alternatives as well like
  2. Affiliate marketing: This is the best way to make some real good money online. In simple terms you have to promote company products by writing some useful reviews and experiences. And if someone buy that product by using your link then you will get some commission form the same. E.g. we are using Bluehost, Studiopress, Cuelinks and many affiliate programs as we are using them personally and also got good experience so far.
  3. Selling ad space: We got some good customers who wanted to promote their product on our website by putting a banner ad. You can also list your website to many portals like and attract people to sell your website ad space as well.
  4. Sponsored reviews: We also write sponsored product review articles to help any brand to promote their product. but we don’t accept any product for the sake of making money. So far we have shared only few such reviews only.

So, these are the major programs and methods we are using to make money from our websites. I am not the one who is doing the same thing, there are many people who are starting a blog and making money. Even they are doing it on full time basis. Blogging is getting huge popularity in India and this is the perfect time for you to create a website & kick start blogging.

So, How much money do I need to Start a Blog in 2018?

Let’s conclude this extensively explained tutorial and find out how much is actually required to start a blog in 2018.

  1. Domain Name : Cost NIL as you will get a domain name Free of cost with Bluehost Hosting
  2. Hosting for 3 years + Free Domain : $142.2 or Rs 10,000 (approx)
  3. Genesis Framework $ 59 or Rs 3894 (one-time expenditure)
  4. Blog Set Up: Free of Cost, as we have shared a step by step guide

So, only you have to pay Rs 14,000 and stay free for next 3 years time. If you use Mailchimp newsletter service and follow regular blogging how to guides then you don’t have spend anything extra. If you need any help further, we can also help you to get your query resolve or provide you the source form where you can be benefited.

If you find this article useful, then share with your friends to help them to make money online. Don’t look for data entry jobs, online form filling jobs etc as you will end up with spams only. Blogging is a proven way and we can say that from our own experience only. 🙂