How To Start Investing in SIP in India 2018

Want to start investing mutual funds online? Do you know what is the best way to start investing in sip mutual funds online? If you are new to this section, then let me introduce you to SIP or systematic investment plan. In simple terms, invest gradually every month and buy units of a mutual fund month wise, which will lower the risk of investment in long term.

how to start investing in sip mutual funds online

Anyway, in this article I will share few simple tips to start investing in sip mutual funds online. Many people are avoiding mutual fund investment due to various process & terms like AAMC, KYC, Direct mutual fund, Fund houses, NAV etc. But the fact is different as investing in SIP mutual fund online has become very easy these days with the introduction of Robo advisers.

How to start investing in sip mutual funds online

Before proceeding further, let me tell you two ways of investing sip mutual funds online, which is trending these days, i.e. 1) Direct Investment and 2) Taking Help of any Robo Advisers.

If you have proper knowledge in mutual fund investment and have time to manage them online, then it is always better to invest in direct mutual funds. That means you have to visit all mutual fund houses to submit their application form. And after that you have to manage those funds by yourself online. E.g. If you want to start SIP in 5 mutual fund, then you have to submit 5 separate application form and after enrollment you will receive 5 separate set of user id and password to manage them.

In other case, you can take help from any automated platforms in India or Robo advisers India like FundIndia, Scripbox, ZipSIP etc. They will act as an investment adviser for you and help you choose you the funds, provide you a single platform to start any number of SIP mutual fund online, single KYC process for any future investments and overall an easy to manage portfolio option.

Best way to start investing in sip mutual funds online

As a beginner, I think the best way to invest in sip mutual funds online is by choosing any of the Robo advisers in India. I have started investing in SIP Mutual Funds via FundIndia. They are very helpful as they are calling me and advising me with detailed analysis where to invest as per my need & future goals. Not only that investment is happening every month automatically from my bank account and I am getting regular portfolio update in my mobile  phone & email id.

I hope, I am clear with the intention of explaining this simple question and provide necessary inputs to understand why investing in sip mutual funds online with the help of Robo advisers are best for any working professional. Let me know if you have further queries.

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  1. Online investment provides a platform to analyze the performance of various schemes that were invested in and take decisions to redeem or switch online. This proves helpful and effective in the longer run. You can conveniently invest in multiple mutual funds and can review the performance on a single platform.

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