How to transfer LPG gas connection from one city to other in 2018

Do you want to know how to transfer LPG gas connection from one city to another or one state to another state due to job change or any other reason?

In last couple of years many rules has changed when we talk about LPG connection. Gone are the days when one can apply for multiple connections in different cities. But now every family can have only one gas connection in the entire country in any city. So if you have to change the city, you have to transfer the gas connection to the new city.

And after the PAHAAL scheme or DBT (direct benefit transfer) it was mandatory for Govt. to track such practices. For that Aadhaar was linked with LPG connection and thus one can’t take multiple connections. Anyway I will try to simply the process of transferring LPG gas connection to another city here. Hope this will help you.

how to transfer lpg gas connection from one state to another state

Steps to transfer LPG gas connection from one city to another city

  • First of all you have to submit your LPG cylinder, regulator, pipe to the distributor office near to your home. Also submit a copy of subscription voucher (SV) to the office. Don’t submit the original as this is not going to change in the new city. If you have taken more than one cylinder than don’t forget to surrender both the cylinder.
  • Then HP or Indane or other gas Company will refund you the deposited amount if any.
  • They will also provide you a form to fill up for the transfer process and issue a Termination Voucher (TV). You have to use that TV in next 1 year in the new city.
  • Next visit to the local gas distributor office (HP, Indane, Bharat gas etc) of your new city and provide all the documents. They will issue a new connection in your name keeping the same SV. You have to submit the deposit the amount here again.
  • Now you are done. Wait for your turn as now this will be considered a new connection in your new location and will reach you after clearing the earlier queue.

Don’t Miss Why Aadhaar is mandatory for everything

It may take some time based on the existing application queue in that city to get the new LPG as connection. By that time you have to manage with local market cylinders available in open market. Anyway if you have not linked our Aadhaar card with LPG connection there will be no point as Govt. has already changed the subsidy distribution system. I have opted out the subsidy and joined the LPG subsidy surrender request from Govt. of India. You should also do that and pay the entire amount from your pocket.

So did you transfer hp/indane gas connection from one city to another? If so, please share your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Sir,i am a consumar of bharat gas .con no. 52637835 distributor code 131345
    I want my gas connection one distributor to another distributor. But distributor is not accept my request. My home to distributor distence 37 km.plese halp me.

  2. Sir,
    i have shifted from jamshedpur to new delhi. i want to transfer my indane gas connection from jamshedpur to new delhi . Kindly tell me the proceedure for indane gas connection transfer , i will be obliged.


  4. I have to transfer my lpg connection from Nalbari to Guwahati, Assam. May i know if I can transfer the lpg connection through internet process.

  5. Dear
    I have transferred a LPG connection from Banderdewa to Rangia. First I have submitted all document, regulater,silinder and R.s. 1200 ruppes in Banderdewa Branch ,and said that you submit document Rs. 1200 ruppes in Rangia branch. So I have submitted document but Rangia. Branch said that he want R.s. 3200 Ruppes , R.s. 2000 extra commison
    Sir Please help me, what can I do?

  6. I am not shifting to any place but in my native place I want a gas connection to be started and i have my hp gas just i want to continue it over their, so then when-ever we go for vacation we can use it. So what’s the procedure????????

  7. I have deposit my original subscription voucher when i have transferred the connection. Now here for reconnection distributor want sv no.i have transferred UP to WB.Now how will i get connection? Though I have original termination voucher.plz help sir.

  8. Hi ,
    This is to inform you that, my bpcl distributor to much delay to supply us the gas last 2 years but other bpcl distributor timely supply as same aria, so my question that, may i change other bpcl distributor?

  9. Hello, I want to apply new gas connection,please let me know Adhar card is madatory as a documnet. I dont have adhar card,if it is mandatory pls let me know alternate solution for getting gas connection

    1. Hi,
      I am having indane gas with single cylinder.
      I am planning to take the 2nd cylinder.
      For 2nd Cylinder how much we ahve to pay?

      Also when i transferred from Pune to any other cyti how much deposit they will return ?

  10. Sir I am ramesh I have hp gas connection in nelakondapally now we shifted to kallur same district ……..send me procedure to transfer the hp gas connection

  11. My LPG gas connection in Hubli(Karnataka) ,now I have transfer my connection to BELUR(W.B.) But I am not taken any cylinder. Now I want to my connection in other city in W.B. to indane connection

    1. Its the same process, surrender and apply to Indane again. Better you talk to Indane office first and ask them how to proceed further.

  12. Hi i have trasferred my gas connection to banglore but i got transferred to hyderabad how i will get my indane connection without going to banglore again

  13. Hi sir

    During transport from indore to hyderabad I bring my cyleinders with me. I did not surrender there.How I Can transfer the same in new new city hyderabad ?

  14. Sir, I need to move from Delhi to Pune, I want TV. I have one empty and one half used cylinder, Can I get refund for the remaining cyclider gas. Please respond with your informative reply.

  15. Hi, I have transfer to the other state. In that region no bharat gas is there. Can i switch to any other gas service. If so i have to pay the same amount as previous or I have to pay the current new connection amount? Please it is urgent reply soon.

  16. I had 2 HP cylinders in Bangalore but One cylinder is missing is it possible to transfer One Cylinder from Bangalore to Bagalkot

  17. hi sir, i have 2 bharat gas cylinder. i want to transfer my connection to uttraKhand. in my city there is no bhart gas agency only indane is there is it possible to transfer from bharat to indane gas please advice

      1. I’m moving within the city. Can i just transfer it online or i need to surrender the cylinders in my current location?

  18. hi i’m prabhat konai, i have lpg connection with double cylender. i want to transfer my lpg connection to berhampoe from jangipur.the double cylender will submit to the old city?

  19. dear sir,
    if i taken LPG gas cylinder 01-11-2015 but i am not refilling my cylinder next 6 month due to out of station and i am also changed my agency to Ahmadabad to kalol location it should be possibly transfer.

  20. Hi Shantanu,

    I am transferred from mumbai to puṇe but didn’t submit my gas to the local agency in Mumbai. Can I submit it to the local agency in pune instead? Please help!

  21. Hi
    I am Neeraj.
    I have lost my SV along with Card recently. My connection is active. I want to transfer my connection to another city. What should I do.

  22. I am from Randathani , i want to change my gas connection from vengara to tirur or kottakkal , i spent lot time for that before seven years but not benefit , what i can for that now ? tirur and kottakkal are nearest place, please help me

  23. Hi,
    I have transfer my HP gas connection PUNE to Chennai (it’s mention transfer letter Chennai velachery ),But that time not sure my work location.
    Now my work location is chengalpattu .
    Can you please suggest me ,it’s accepted same transfer letter Chennai chengalpattu near any hp gas agency.

    please help me. what can i do.

  24. I am planning to cancel my indane gas connection but u have an unopened cylinder with me. Can I get a refund of the unopened cylinder or should I just simply return it.?

    Thanks for your advice.

  25. Dear Santanu,
    Thanks for the article. I am facing a slightly different scenario. 3 months ago I moved from Nagpur to Bhadrawati (Near Chandrapur) and got the termination voucher with the new city name. Submit my TV to distributor at Bhadrawati. They check my TV number and consumer number online. Distributor told me your TV and consumer id not found. Pls guide me what to do

  26. i have transferred bihar to gujrat state having 2 cylinder connection and i have carried both cylinder to Gujrat,pl suggesst how can transfer this connection

  27. I assume that there will be difference between the duration to get a fresh connection and to get the connection transferred intercity. Otherwise, there wont be any point in completing the formalities in the source city & then applying for transfer in the destination city. Can anyone confirm that how much time does it take from submitting the documents in the destination city & getting the connection/cylinders?

  28. Hi Santanu,

    Due to job transfer we are relocating from bangalore to Kolkata. And i will be surrendering the cylinder and the regulator to the distributor. But since i donot have any local adress proof . What would be the next step to geet the connect back. Also plaese let me know after getting the termination voucher within howmany days i haev to apply for the new connection in kolkata and when will i be able to get that.

    1. I think you can use the rent agreement in Kolkata. And regarding the time I am not sure how much the waiting time is right now.

  29. Sir i transfred my connection from hyderabad to rajumndry because of some problems we shifted to vizag from hyderabad.can we take the same connection in vizag without transfreing from rajumndry

  30. Hi,

    I have transfered from Hubli to Belgaum city so now i have 2 cylinder in my name,i have to submit both cylinder to gas agency? and agency will give deposit amout return with transfer voucher?

    I dont have adreess proff right now in belgaum so please give me solution what i have to do…

    Looking for your reply soon…

  31. I have little different scenario..while shifting of house to new city, i transferred all household items along with cylinders through transport. I thought only documents will be required for transfer of connection and that will be enough..but in case of surrendering cylinders also, I have to transport them again to that place is a new problem…what to do in that case

  32. i want to transfer my lpg connection in kolhapur. but connection is belong to my uncle, is it compulsory to take my uncle with me at the time of doing official procedure in kolhapur? or can i alone fulfill all procedure at kolhapur?

  33. Dear Santanu,

    Thanks for the article. I am facing a slightly different scenario. 3 months ago I moved from Bangalore to Hyderabad and duly got the termination voucher with the new city name as Hyderabad. In Hyderabad I have a piped line in my apartment complex which I am using. So I didn’t submit the my Indane termination voucher to get the connection. Now I will be again moving to Coimbatore in the first week of Feb’16. I am hoping this time it will be a long term move :). So can I use the earlier termination voucher? The city name is printed as Hyderabad there. Looking for some guidance.


  34. sir i had transferred my lpg gas connection from haldwani(uttarakhand) to kashipur(uttarakhand)….previously my lpg connection was with bharat gas and i had done all the procedure of linking my aadhar to bank account and lpg distributor….and now i have subscribed to indane gas service….today i received a message from indane company in which i was told that i am already linked to pahal and i need to submit my aadhar to lpg and bank immediately….what does this mean….can u please tell me….does it mean i have to provide my aadhar to bank and lpg distributors again????

      1. Hi Santanu ,

        i got gas transfer from Mumbai to Bangalore (written on Termination voucher) , but suddenly i shifting to Hyderabad , what to do know i need connection in Hyderabad, Please suggest.

      1. sir, I’ve transferred lpg connection from one city to another with my mother name but in termination voucher they have mentioned my father name only and have taken my mother’s signature. Now, they are telling it’s not valid till the name got change in tv. what to do?

  35. i m going to another city.currently i ave two cylinder on full refilled and on can i submit both cylinder on refilled and one empty.

  36. this transfer formalities are only for website….not for practical….govt declared Adhara card is enough .but agencies not accepting new connection in new city without local address proof.

  37. “Wait for your turn as now this will be considered a new connection in your new location and will reach you after clearing the earlier queue”

    Are you sure about this? I waited in queue for close to 4 months to get an Indane LPG connection in Gurgaon. I will be depositing money at Gurgaon gas agency in a day or two. I have to move to Noida next month. The gas agency guy at Gurgaon said that I can get a cylinder in Noida on the day I deposit security at a Noida gas agency. Is he misleading me? What’s the point of paying here in Gurgaon only to wait for another 4 months in Noida.

  38. I transferred my LPG connection from Madurai to Kannur. But I could not take connection in

    Kannur for want of address proof. Now one year over after issue of TV. please inform whether I can now transfer the same to Calicut now

    1. I had transfer my gas connection from jamshedpur to. Rourkelacity. Due to some my problem I unable to get connection now I want transfer gas connection to jasharugada city my connection not completed one year

      Sir can I do that? Please suggested Me.

      Sujit sarangi

  39. hii..
    This is bhashini…
    I had taken hp gas connection 3 years back… i am transferring to another state(malaysia)..
    after 2 years i will again come back….i had doubt like…In between that 2 years i cant book any connections right(i cant use it)….do hp gas people will charge any money between that 2 years….
    Do i need to fill any form for that…pls let me is there any procedure asap…..

    1. Hi Bhashini,
      As per my knowledge I think your connection might get discontinued, if you don’t use for long time. It would be better you can visit directly to your HP gas office and ask them the query.
      I hope you will also share your experience here, this will be very helpful for our readers. 🙂

  40. I have lost one of my LPG cyclinder, and was going on with my friends we have shifted our work place .how do I proceed, can I surrender only one cylinder.please help

  41. I have my lpg connection in Delhi But now transfer is in sampla district rohtak so i want to change My gas connection from delhi to sampla. from indian to hp gas

  42. If you have lost the SV voucher , then you can give an affidavit on Rs 10 stamp paper duly attested by gazetted officer stating that – you have lost the SV slip and you will not claim any benefit if you found it later and also when it is found will submit it to the oil company.

    1. Thanks Prashant,

      Your feedback is valuable for lpg subscription voucher lost people. Without that SV it is not possible to proceed further. After successful surrender one can go for lpg connection against termination voucher received form previous city.

      1. If you lost the Subscription Voucher (SV), the gas company folks (at the current city ) will give a form to fill after submitting the Cylinder(s) & Regulator. Then they will issue the Termination Voucher (TV) against your gas connection with which you can avail Cylinder(s) at new city/place.

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