How to transfer LPG gas connection from one city to other in 2018

Do you want toknow how to transfer LPG gas connection from one city to another or one state to another state due to job change or any other reason?

In last couple of years many rules has changed when we talk about LPG connection. Gone are the days when one can apply for multiple connections in different cities. But now every family can have only one gas connection in the entire country in any city. So if you have to change the city, you have to transfer the gas connection to the new city.

And after the PAHAAL scheme or DBT (direct benefit transfer) it was mandatory for Govt. to track such practices. For that Aadhaar was linked with LPG connection and thus one can’t take multiple connections. Anyway I will try to simply the process of transferring LPG gas connection to another city here. Hope this will help you.

Steps to transfer LPG gas connection from one city to another city

  • First of all you have to submit your LPG cylinder, regulator, pipe to the distributor office near to your home. Also submit a copy of subscription voucher (SV) to the office. Don’t submit the original as this is not going to change in the new city. If you have taken more than one cylinder than don’t forget to surrender both the cylinder.
  • Then HP or Indane or other gas Company will refund you the deposited amount if any.
  • They will also provide you a form to fill up for the transfer process and issue a Termination Voucher (TV). You have to use that TV in next 1 year in the new city.
  • Next visit to the local gas distributor office (HP, Indane, Bharat gas etc) of your new city and provide all the documents. They will issue a new connection in your name keeping the same SV. You have to submit the deposit the amount here again.
  • Now you are done. Wait for your turn as now this will be considered a new connection in your new location and will reach you after clearing the earlier queue.

Don’t Miss Why Aadhaar is mandatory for everything

It may take some time based on the existing application queue in that city to get the new LPG as connection. By that time you have to manage with local market cylinders available in open market. Anyway if you have not linked our Aadhaar card with LPG connection there will be no point as Govt. has already changed the subsidy distribution system. I have opted out the subsidy and joined the LPG subsidy surrender request from Govt. of India. You should also do that and pay the entire amount from your pocket.

So did you transfer hp/indane gas connection from one city to another? If so, please share your experience in the comments below.