How to Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) in 2018

Are you looking for how to withdraw employee provident fund money kept with your last employer?

Do you know the rules related to EPF withdrawal in India? Do you know the EPF withdrawal tax rules?

I will answer all these questions, as I have withdrawn my EPF balance twice in my career so far. And I think my experience will be useful for many readers of this blog.

Basic EPF Withdrawal rules

Before proceeding further I think one should know few basic EPF withdrawal rules after resignation.

  • One can’t apply for EPF amount withdrawal during service. When you leave a company, at that time only you will be able to withdraw EPF balance.
  • One can’t apply for EPF balance immediately after resigning the company. There is a waiting period of 2 months. After that only you can go for EPF withdrawal.
  • If you withdraw EPF money before completing 5 year, then the amount is taxable.
  • One can’t apply for EPF withdrawal online. You have to go via your previous employer only.
  • Recently with the introduction of UAN (Universal Account Number), the EPF transfer process is going to be very easy. And very soon we may expect a procedure to withdraw EPF online also.

Employee Provident Fund Withdrawal Procedure

The EPF withdrawal procedure will completely depend up on how co-operative your previous employer is. If they have a proper process then you will get the money quickly. Or else you may have to face some difficulty.

In fact for few organizations, there is a dedicated EPF Body, which handles the entire work. In that case also the whole process completes very fast. But if your employer doesn’t support you, your EPF withdrawal process becomes really difficult.

Let’s check out the common steps & procedure to withdraw EPF amount in India.

1) Make sure that before leaving the company, you have taken all necessary contacts and documents needed for EPF withdrawal. As you have to wait up to 45-60 days after leaving the company before applying for EPF money.

Next, download or collect the EPF withdrawal form – form 19 & form 10c. You may collect these forms from your company portal. Otherwise visit EPFO website to download them.

2) Fill the 2 forms carefully; provide every mandatory information like EPF account number, your name, address, mobile number and bank account number (Nationalized Bank) where you are expecting the money. Previously EPF department used to send cheques only, but now one can get the money in his/her bank account by NEFT transaction also.

Tip: Do not take this form lightly. When I have applied for the first time, the application got rejected due to small mistake and it came back to me again. Due to that I had to re-apply EFP withdrawal and entire process took more than 7 month to get the money.

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There will be another form along with them where you will authorize them to deposit the amount on behalf of you in your bank account. As the money will be sanctioned as a cheque and then deposited in your account. So be careful while filling that form as well.

3) Next step is, take xerox copy of the filled forms set, to keep with you for future proof. Then send the forms to previous employer office or PF office as instructed by your previous employer. Every company has its own procedure to deal with it. Some company have their own PF trust offices where you can send them directly, otherwise companies will collect all these documents from you and then verify from their end and finally submit them to EPF India office on behalf of you.

4) After submission of these forms you are actually done with your part. You can always communicate with the PF body of your previous company, where you have mailed the filled up forms. Check your EPF withdrawal status every 2-3 weeks, if it takes time to get your EPF money.

How much time it takes to withdraw EPF?

5) As soon as they receive the form, their internal team will verify the details and submit to EPF department of India. After that your previous company’s responsibility is done. In case any issue, you have to contact to direct PF office only.

I have received the EPF money very quickly when I applied for the 2nd time. It took hardly 2 month to receive the money. So things are improving. 🙂

Should I withdraw my EPF Amount?

There are many advices regarding this question, but I believe if you have continued your EPF account for more than 5 years and changing the company then it is better to withdraw the money. You can withdraw the balance and then put in your own PPF account or invest in better product like mutual fund. The reason I said this is, it is always better to control your money on your own rather than depending on others.

Anyway, it is my thought and not necessary that everyone should agree with that. I would love to know more from the readers of this blog, EPF withdrawal or transfer account – which one is better. Visit official EPFO website to know your EPF Balance, latest changes in EPF rules and many useful how to guides.

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  1. Hello Santanu,

    My husband resigned from his previous company in October 2013 where he had worked for 2 years. We have moved abroad now. Is it possible to withdraw the PF amount now? If so please share the process on how to withdraw the amount. I only have his PF number.
    Thanks in Advance.

  2. Dear shantnu,

    How much time it might take if the epf claim status is showing…


    Claim ID : MHBAN170xxxxxxxxxxx42

    Awaiting for your guidance…or suggestions….


  3. Hello

    after resignation of two months i have fill my EPF Withdrawal form 19 & 10C with previous employer on i want to know how many time take for withdrawal my money in my given bank account


  4. Dear sir,
    I have received message on 16 Dec 2016. The message is “Claim form 19 PF settlement for member MHBAN………. received on 01.12.2016 and claim id ………is under process” Same as form 10C”

    but till now on 23.12.2016 i have not get my pf amount. Now how long time i have to wait???

  5. Dear shantanu sir
    I hv received messege that my pf settlement is under process through cheque on Oct 23
    But amount is not credited

  6. hello this is Rajesh
    i worked for hdfc bank for 4 months (off role) and resigned for job pf deducted for 4 months
    can i withdraw pf now and i dont have uan number ,how to get uan number and activation

  7. Hi good afternoon sir,

    I am raja on sep20 i got mail from my your pf withdrawal forworded to pf office . So howmany days will get my pf amount

    1. Hi, I am also having same doubt: Please, clarify
      Will I get any acknowledgement form (or) receipt to track my PF withdrawal status?
      How long it will take to claim my PF withdrawal?

  8. My present age is 43 years.
    I worked 7 years and 10 month in one of company in Vadodara between period May 1998 to March 2006.
    I have withdraw the PF while joining other company. I am not sure or don’t know whether the pension scheme funds also release while withdraw PF.
    what is the rules for pf withdrawal
    Thanks you in advance

  9. Dear Shantanu,

    Pl advise me ,I have submitted My Documents of PF Withdrawal On 23rd August,16 and 20th June,16 was my last day in my last organization.Pl advise when can I expect credit of of the amount in my bank account.


    1. These days the process is very smooth and fast. If your application is filed successfully then I think you should get the SMS soon with amount credited in your account.

  10. hi,

    my name is arshad.
    i worked in an pvt company for the last 14 months.i would like to withdraw my pf amount but the thing i that there is some correction in my name .Also i got uan and it is i got another if i give my old uan number to my new employer then is it possible tro withdraw the old pf amount??i have got all the documents for applying my previous is there any problem if i give my uan to my new employer?? please help me..

  11. Help me. Have received pf claim which is only a small amount..and status on site is approved by cheque and payment under process. Had worked for 8 years and large part is not yet received..

  12. Hi,
    My last day was on 11th July 2016 and completed my full and final along with the pf form and now it’s been almost 45 days and I have not even got any information regarding my pf status.after working for a company for nine years and not getting the proper service is worst ( do not want to disclose the company name ) could you please help and to add no information about my gratuity amount and as per the company they said money will be credited within 45 days

  13. Hi, i worked in a company in India for 2.5 yrs (Single company) and after that i moved abroad, after resigning i submitted my PF claim forms to employer, but they are not processing the papers neither replying to my emails, later i came to know i can withdraw my PF without employer signature if my KYC is approved by employer, so i uploaded my KYC documents in UAN portal afte few days my AADHAR and PAN card got approved but my bank details which i uploaded separately is still in pending for approval which i uploaded after i got my AADHAR and PAN got approved. Now even my Head office is not bothered to reply for my emails. Now what to do? how to withdraw my money from abroad.

  14. hai sir,
    i am praveen kumar left the company june 2013 but my previous employer is not signing the pf withdraw form , how can i withdraw pf , please help me

  15. Hi,
    I left my previous company in jan end2016 and post which i provided all my pf forms and docs along required for withdrawal. Its been more than three months haven’t received my money and in july end i got a letter saying it got rejected due to some docs. My precious office has contacted the pf consultant to rectify the issue but they haven’t got back to me as to what are the next steps.Just wanted to know what would be the next step once pf gets rejected, also how long will it take to get money? will it take another 3months?

  16. Hiii Shantanu. I hv got sms today 2 Aug 2016 that payment under process. So..? How long n days it will take now for amount to get credited in my account

  17. Hii shanatu sir,
    My Dad was working in a company at Tarapur . He left company 20 years before .he didn’t apply for PF yet. R there any chances of getting Pf now.what to do plz suggest me. He spent 18 years in service in company. Company has shut down long time plz suggest me.can we get Pf ?! He is having Pf receipt which he filled in company procedure .that is the only proof we have.
    Plz reply for the same

  18. Hi Shantnu,

    I am working with organization from last 5years. Now I am immigrating to canada permanently. For that I have few quires as below:

    1) Can I withdraw my PF 100%

    2) Will amount be taxable

    3) If moving abroad is there any process that withdrawal is done fast.

  19. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for PF on June 2016, I left the company on April 2016, I still not get any information from EPFO office Please guide me

    1. Hopefully, you will get the PF amount credit in your bank account within 02 months from date of form submission in the EPF office.

  20. HI I am Arun i did applied the PF withdrawal On 4/12 and i was waiting for 30 days for the money but i got a letter from PF Office that the name is miss matching i did contacted the PF Office and My previous Employer and found that they gave incorrect PF # and fixed it and resubmitted the form on 5/13 the person who handles my PF Form told me that i will get the Money in 10 days and in the form collecting department they said that i need to wait for 20 days Now i am already close to it but haven’t got the Money yet can you let me know when i will receive the Money on my account ?

  21. Dear sir plz suggest me what to do the problem is that I ve resigned from a private bank . I was working as Marketing Officer in tw loan collection. I worked there for 5th mnths in April I resigned from my roll,after giving proper notice and LWD. Now its almost one month passed they are not clearing my dues like april mthh’s salery ,ta and so on.

  22. Hello Sir,

    I worked in a company for eight months. At the time of my appointment my company gave me salary structure of 1 lakh p.a. (i.e) 8333 p.m. I resigned my job after 8 months of working on 17.02.2016 Now I check the balance amout in epf portal that values only 7852 rs. But I contribute nearly 15,000 rupees.

    Kindly guide me to claim this amount and also explain the contribution percentage sir…

  23. Dear Sir,

    if i had successfully filled and submitted the EPF form after the verification of previous employer and submitted to EPF office , what if there is an little bit (very minor) mismatch of Signature (i.e. in the form that i had submitted EPF office (form 19 and 10c) and the EPF form that i had filled at time of joining of previous employer.
    so there is any chance of form rejection??

  24. I was working in a company in Coimbatore between 2003 & 2007 and later I resigned and moved to Bangalore. I didn’t collect my PF amount due to some reasons.
    Now I like to close my PF account and get that money. When I contacted my existing HR they asked me to give Form 19 and a bond which stated reason for not claiming the amount for 9 years.
    Could you please let me know if you have any format for the bond and is it to be entered in Stamp paper?
    Thanks in advance

  25. My son resigned and settled in abroad long ago.Now he wants to close and withdraw his EPF amount from the inoperative acct.He is not having individual bank acct. in India.He is having joined acct.with parents. EPF dept. is asking for a single acct. on his name. Whether it is admissible to credit into single NRO bank acct.if he opens now.When I inquired this point with EPF ,they are unable to explain.Kindly advice.

  26. Sir,i have submitted all documents and EPF claim form in regional EPFO office on 18 th April 2016.
    How much time required to transfer the EPF amount into my A/C
    Pls Reply asap

      1. I got a sms stating epf withdrawal approved and payment under process. How long does it take to get the final credit?

        1. I got an approval 15 days back and no transfer so far. Can this indicate a problem with my bank account? How do I find out?

  27. Dear Sir,

    I was working in a US based company’s office in Bangalore in 2009 and later I resigned from Bangalore office and moved to U.S office. I didn’t collect my PF amount.

    Later I came to know that, I have to get a letter from a notary because I didn’t collect the PF within 3 years after my resignation.

    Can you let me know, how can withdraw my PF?

    1. Dear Sir
      After 7 years and 11 months service, on 30-11-2014, I retired from Private Company in which the retirement age was 60 years of age.
      My UAN Pass Book shows accumulated amount till 31-03-2015 under Employer/ Employee contributions an amount which includes interest up to 31-03-2015. Additionally there is amount under Pension Contribution made @ Rs 541 per moths till I completed 58 years of age.
      Since 30-11-2014, I am not employed in any service with EPS and EPF contribution. In other words, my PF account is inoperative from December 2014 to which the last contributions were from salary of November 2014.
      Here are my questions? Can somebody give answers quoting relevant notifications and references?
      1. Will I get interest for 36 months for these funds, if I plan to withdraw it on 30-11-2017 i.e. 36 months after my retirement?
      2. Can I withdraw the entire Pension Contribution Fund which was made only 72 moths till I became 58 and my entire service period was only 7 years & 11 months. Will I get some interest for that also?
      3. What is tax implication if I withdraw the amount in this F/y 2016-17.
      4. How to qualify my retirement? Can it be termed as ‘superannuation? What is difference between “retirement “and superannuation retirement?
      5. If at all there is interest , I may decide to withdraw the full amount . In that case which are the best investment option for me?

  28. I have applied pf form on March 1St It’s almost 2 months but still I am not able to view status of my pf in epfo portal, it’s showing status not found so to whom I need to contact can you help me out

  29. Hi Santanu,

    I worked in BPO sector during 2007/08 and left the job without proper resignation. Is it possible to followup on the PF Account and get it claimed. Please advise

    1. I think Yes, Did you activate UAN number? I think through UAN portal you can ask for previous PF account transfer or withdrawal.

  30. Hi Santanu,My last working day in office was 5 feb 2016 ,So when can I apply for Pf withdrawal and also I’m started working in another company so few people said I cannot apply for Pf as I’m working in other organizations

  31. Dear Santanu
    First of all i want to thank you for this very helpful writeup. I was previously working with a central PSU which was governed by EPF scheme and now i have joined my state govt department which is governed by NPS. I want to know if there is a procedure to transfer my EPF money from previous employer to NPS account.


  32. Hi , I have resigned on Dec31st 2015. Now on Notice period, till Jan30th 2016. My company paid PF till JUne2015. Last 6 months is pending. Once i asked to HR , they said they will pay it later, not getting clear answers. So what should i do ? Whether I can go with complaint? Need advice on
    1. Is there any duration that these company should follow to pay PF on or before date ?
    2. Once company paid PF then what time will take me to get it ?
    3. Can I submit Form19 && Form 10 only after my company complete PF payment?
    4. On where should I give complaint on this?
    5.Complaint will take me long duration to resolve things ?

    Help expected sir.

  33. For 1 and half month job is 10C mandatory to withdraw PF after leaving? Or only Form 19 is sufficient? PRO of the PF office have not accepted 10C.

  34. Hi Shantanu

    I worked for employer1 (2007-2010) and employer2 (2010 – 2013). Now I am in US and working for US company.
    I want to withdraw my EPF from the previous company, as I have transferred EPF amount from emp1 to emp2 in 2010.
    Please guide.


  35. Sir, I quit my job on 2010 Oct… Now I want to apply for pf can I apply for that and what is the procedure ?

  36. Hi Santanu,

    I left my previous job in end of August, 2015. Filled the PF form on my last working day and submitted to HR, so they can send it to PF office after two months. I checked with HR today and they said they have submitted the PF application on time. Now, whenever I login to EPFO portal with my UAN to download my passbook, it always throws up an error saying “Service are unavailable due to the heavy workload. Kindly try after some time. Inconvenience is regretted”. I don’t understand what’s wrong. I am getting this error since 2-3 weeks.

    Thanks in advance,

      1. sir i was working at maybelling cosmatic private company i resinge from last yer bt until nw i didnt get my pf sir fillup all froms m send them to two tims all fillup forms bt day didnt give my money i dont knw who is help me can u suggest me

  37. Santanu hi, greatly appreciate your help on this blog.

    I am an NRI since the past 8 years and therefore have nil contribution towards PF. I am attempting to withdraw PF contributed over 15-odd years with 4 organisations (and none are consolidated – i.e. I have 4 PF accounts!!). I have the organisation codes from the EPFO website and my old PF account numbers.

    – Can I give my overseas address in Form 19?

    – Can I give an NRO account number for crediting the proceeds?

    – Without the dates of joining and leaving will the form be rejected?

  38. Hii..
    I have submitted pf claim form to delhi north epfo. but the cancelled cheque which i have submitted is not having my name for that reason they have returned my application.Now should i apply with a fresh application??

    1. When you donot have name in your check, you need to submitt either copy of passbook or copy of bank statement

  39. Hi santanu,

    I left my company 2 years back and now i am applying for my pf.Couple of questions
    how many days will it take to get my PF amount, if i apply now.
    I have worked for 6 years, so what forms should i fulfill to get that.

    1. Its the same 2 form I have mentioned here only. Now the process has been improved and you should get the money in max 1-2 months in case no rejection.

  40. Hi Santanu,

    I worked for Satyam Computers resigned in 2010, later the company changed to Mahindra Satyam and currently into Tech Mahindra. I worked for Hyderabad location. It is almost 5 years completed, How do i approach? Please guide me sir.


      1. Thanks for the valuable suggestion. But the company fully merged with tech if we consult them do they have the records of old employees. Are they ready to guide us??

  41. My transfer claim is approved by my present employer, but its been rejected by my previous employer. Is it necessary to get approved by both employees to complete the transfer process?

      1. Hi Santanu,

        I have resigned from CTS in the month of JULY. I contacted them a month back and they told they have submitted my application in the month of SEP. I have not received any updates till now. Can you please advise how to proceed?


        1. I think you should check the EPF withdrawal status online. And if possible contact PF office for update. But I think the process has been faster these days.

  42. My last one month pf amount has not been updated in my pf account. Employer is saying that he has deposited the pf amount of that the problem is I want to withdraw the pf amount and the account is not showing the complete transactions. So what should I do in this case. Should I withdraw or wait for the updation of pf amount of last month.

    1. I think it will not be an issue. And it will take some time to process your EPF withdrawal completion and by the time your account balance should be updated with the latest month balance.

  43. Hi i have worked only for 3 months and want to withdraw my pf balance can i do ir it will get transfered to my new employer?

  44. Hi Santanu,
    Nice blog on one of the most important but fundamentally over looked aspects of employment and retirement planning in India
    I immigrated abroad a couple of months back but still an Indian passport holder. Prior to immigrating, I was working in India for about a decade with multiple employers. I would like to withdraw all my savings in the PF as I could not initiate it before leaving India due to the default wait period after leaving my last employer.
    Do the withdrawal rules and TDS still be applicable in my case?
    Can you guide with the procedure considering that I will not be travelling (or should I say at least for a few years or so) to India any more? What complication can I encounter apart from the logistical nature of issue on hand when it comes to the withdrawal process?
    Thanks in advance for any guidance on my queries.


  45. Hi Shantanu,
    I relieved from my previous company on 9th june 2015 and joined my current company on 14th due to some financial problen i want to withdraw my pf from my previous company.I have already provided the UAN no to my current my question is : can epfo track that i am not unemployed at this time through UAN and reject my pf withdrawal?

    Please guide as i am in urgent need of money and pf can solve my purpose.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I think if your epf balance is not transferred to your current company, you can withdraw. Better to ask your current employer and ask them about your query.

  46. Hi,

    I see employee and employer’s share in my PF balance. My request for withdrawal is accepted and received money into my account. But amount is matching only to my share, not with employer’s share, though i applied for full withdrawal.

    Is there any restriction on withdrawal.

  47. I worked in india for 2 companies and moved to abroad and here i changed company. What is the procedure to cancel the PF from both companies. My PF was not transferred from first company to 2nd company. Can you please give me idea to get PF amount?

  48. Hi …
    I have joined one limited company in may 2015. From the start PF is deducted from my salary. 4 months passed but still there is no PF number on my salary slip . how long it takes to issue PF number ? Plz help out..

  49. Hi santanu, my employer has submitted the form on 22nd of Aug and on 28th of Aug my account has been credited with a lil more than 1/4th of the total amount of my PF.. I am worried how will I get the rest of the amount as I have not received even a half of it.. I have filled two forms 10c and 19.. Please do guide me… Thanks

    1. Hi Archana,

      Did you contacted EPFO and asked why you have received that much? Did you withdraw PF money before also? In such cases you may not get 100% money based on certain conditions. Try to get more news from your employer first.

      1. hi,
        similar issue happened with me..i recieved a small amount of money to my account from EPF org.
        i just calculated the amount it appears to me as intrest paid for this financial year. (for 5 months till Aug.) do they do this prior to refunding full amount..?
        ive never withdrawn PF and my service is more than 5 years.

        many thanks.

  50. i applied my pf last month 2july on 7 aug my privous employer asked for my pan card hard copy which i send to them. but since then there is no information abt it. any idea how my time it will take as the link of banglore pf office is also not working…plz help

  51. Hi Santanu,

    For PF withdrawl, updating KYC like PAN card or Passport or Adhaar Card is mandatory?
    If none of the ID proof documents is submitted then will I not be able to withdraw the amount?

    Also I have worked for more than 5 years in my previous company. do I need to submit form 15g in that case?

    Thanks & Regards,

  52. I applied PF withdrawal for my wife before 2-3 months. It went to the employer and they say that it has been sent to PF office
    I haven’t received anything as of now and also, when i try to check the epf claim status, looks like the link is broken and not working anymore. I believe the process has become more clumsy now
    Please advise what can be done now

  53. I have recently filed for PF withdrawal through the employer as I have resigned. 2 weeks back I converted my bank account to joint account with my brother. The employer PF help desk suggested that I submit old cancelled cheque containing only my name. Now my concern is will the bank reject the payment as it will be transferred on my name and the bank account holds two names? Please help me out as I am really worried.

  54. Just to highlight…PF Office asks for account in single holders name. So if you have a joint account lets say with your wife and want the money to go to that one, its not possible…

  55. Hi,
    Pls clear this doubt… should I submit withdrawal forms in all 3 companies that’s have worked for or the last company submission is enough?
    It’s the same pan number but I don’t know if it’s the same pf numbers.

    By the way after we get sms saying that withdrawal approved and sent for cheque preparatio, how many more days are needed?
    Thanks in advance

  56. sir I was worked for my last company only five months I didn’t given any resignation letter
    without any information I left that company please let me know how to draw my pf money
    but I went to previous company they or not ready to sign in my resign form please let me know how to draw my pf money its is usefull for my education

  57. Hey Santanu,
    Great Article.
    I have dilemma.I left an organization 5 years back and didnt withdraw my PF then.Last 5 years twice i submitted the pf form but my last employer was not very supportive.In last 5 years many employees have moved on and i dont have any relationship with my ex-employer. How can i withdraw my pf money.I am based out of Bangalore and the company’s pf office is in Delhi


  58. Hi Santanu,

    Thanks for sharing the information. I left my previous company 2 months back(where I had served only for 6 months and before that I was with another company for 4 years and 7 months and I had transferred the PF amount to my previous company) .
    Now I wish to withdraw the PF amount. I would like to know if the TDS is nil only if the PF account from which I wish to withdraw is maintained for more than 5 years or if the total years I ve been in the EPF scheme is more than 5 years.

  59. Hi Santanu,

    Quite informative site, thanks. I was laid off 3 months ago, and currently still searching for a job, I am planning to take a break for couple of years and withdraw my PF. I was working in the last organization for 2.6 years which holds my current EPF account. I had my previous organization account where I worked for 3.5 years transferred in this account, so total years of service is more than 5 years. But there was a gap in employment for around 2 years i.e. in my current EPF account there was no PF contribution for around 2 years since I was unemployed. Do you know if I withdraw will the amount be taxable? Or if I withdraw it after 5 years will it taxable.


    1. Hi, I am in the same boat. I had worked for a company for 7 years and resigned. Joined another company and transferred that amount to a new account in the new company. I had worked in the new company for 4.6 years. Though my last company tenure is less than 5 years my overall tenure is 12 years. Should i still have to submit form 15G inorder to avoid taxes?

      Please clarify.

        1. Hi Shantanu, Are you suggesting to hold on the PF withdrawl and do it after 4 months. I could understand the point as how that would make the money non taxable. appreciate if you could elaborate a little bit to understand.


  60. Hello,

    I worked in a company for 4 years approx, and then joined company last year in September. in September 2016 i will be completing 5 years.
    after September Can I withdraw whole amount from my older pf account going through via previous employer? will it be tax free because i will be completing 5 years of period .
    Please reply, thank you!!

  61. I m working in current as a lecturer from 2003 to at present.i need money for buy a plot .can i withdraw my EPF.if its time abov 11 years.i m working same school at present

    1. Hi Bharat,

      I think you are eligible for partial withdrawal. It would be better if you could discuss your requirement with your school’s finance or the department who handle such queries.

      1. Hi Santanu,

        Fistly thank you for your help on this blog.

        I have left my 1st job in an year’s time. However, I haven’t kept those payslips safe enough to track my PF. But I still have a contact in the firm, do you think they will provide the info?

        And when I shifted to my 2nd job it is a new PF account again but I have work for 5.5 years in my 2nd.

        I have shifted now to my 3rd & again did not transfer the PF account.

        I want to go for a withdrawl now, what do you suggest how I should proceed?

        Appreciate your help mate,


  62. Hi Santhanu,

    In my previous company, they started deducting the PF amount since November 2010. I have changed the company recently i.e on June 2015 and up-to June PF amount has been deposited.Now i wanted to withdraw my PF amount. so, should i need to wait for this Nov – 2015 to escape from the tax? or if i withdraw amount after Nov -15 also is it taxable?.

    My another question is – i have downloaded the passbook. i see there are 3 sections where the PF is divided(Employee Share,Employer Share and Pension Contribution). So, do we can withdraw all the amount which were divided in passbook?

    Please help me on this?


  63. Dear Santanu,

    I received the message from PF office Jan 2015, stating that my claim is approved and is under process. But till date I did not received any money. Also no further message received. I have sent a mail to PF office but no reply. Can you suggest what should be the next step.



    1. Hi Kumar,

      Till how many day you are waiting after getting the message? It should not take much time as money should be deposited in your account automatically.

  64. In addition to all the above comment, for withdrawing the PF amount, my earlier employer asked me to fill the Form 15G along with form 19 and 10 c as well.Also, need to submit the photo copy of your PAN CARD.

  65. Sir,
    At first thanks for giving valuable information on PF withdrawl. I have a question that when I see my PF balance in EPFO website it will not show the current status of balance, if I see today it shows till May 2014. Why EPFO department not updating there records? Please suggest me how can I see my current pf balance.

  66. Dear Santanu,

    I was working in a company for 8.5 years. I resigned 6 months (Nov 2014) back; i filled the form and given to them. The previous employer has not paid the last two months PF till (before i leave the organization – that is September 2014 & October 2014).

    I facing lot of problems; I am sending mails and so many follow ups, they are not even replying the mails. How do we proceed to get the EPF money in this case?

    Kindly give the solution.


    1. Hi Mahendra,

      Do you have universal account number? I think in that case you can track your remaining EPF balance not paid yet and transfer them to your new account. Although I am not sure about this.

  67. I am reading news these days that the bJp govt. has ban the complete with draw of PF or EPF up till age 60? can some one put some light on this pls.

  68. I have resigned my company serving less than 5 years, I just want to know that if i withdraw my EPF, whether the TDS will be deducted or nor, If deducted, how much %,Secondly what can i do so that No TDS is deducted.

  69. i have resigned from my on 13 November 2014. and now i want to withdraw my PF amount. but my previous employer is asking for a copy of my UAN card where K.Y.C should be as yes, is it really required for the process .

  70. hi All,

    kindly be informed that now the PF withdraw process has become even much faster.

    once you submit your application form, you can now expect to get your PF in your account anywhere between 3 to 12 days max 😉

  71. Hi
    Many thanks for the information’s. I resigned from previous company on 12 December 2014. On that day itself I filled and submitted my PF form along with ECS certificate of bank. I only filed my personal details, sign and bank account number as instructed by them. They said they will fill the balance (date and other details) and it will submit after 60 days from resignation. Now I am working abroad. Not yet received the claim. I have emailed and called the previous employer several times. They said they submitted it on March. I checked the status of PF claim thorough online portal. It shows no record found…may be because of EPFO not yet received or taken for processing the request. Again I mailed to previous employer to know the reason for delay. They are not responding

    One of my friends resigned from the same company on December 29, 2014 and submitted PF claim request after me. He got his claim amount on 16th April 2014.

    How can I know the reason for the delay in my claim?

    And also how can I know is this previous employer submitted it or not?

    If they submitted what will be the next procedure? And what to do from my side?
    Kindly advice

    1. Hi Shah,

      I think many people are facing the same issue. Previous employer have to file your application first to EPFO, then only you can track your application status on EPFO online. Try to get the information form your previous employer, if possible send someone to visit your previous employer and try to get the current status of your EPF withdrawal application.

  72. Hi Santanu,

    I was working in an organisation for 1.2 yrs,but now might be that organisation is closed as i am unable to contact them.How can i withdraw my pf amount bypassing that employer.Please help me.

  73. Sir,
    I have worked almost 2 year in a company
    and they started to deduct pf from my salary which was 8000 till oct 2014, after that it was 9000. from sep 2014 they started to deduct till i resign which is march 7. but after i submit my details to pf department i only got 4692 rupees only ? why is it so ? currently im working abroad, please help me

    1. Hi Vasil,

      Did you check your PF balance before asking for withdrawal? You can check your EPF balance online easily these days and accordingly try to find out what is the reason.

  74. Hi Santanu,

    I do not have my PF #. While I was working in an organization in Bangalore. I was in deputation under Mafai consultancy. Since consultancy head office in Chennai, they have deposited in chennai Branch. Is there any possible way to track. I used to get hard copies of salary slip in 2006.

  75. Hi Santanu your blog is very informative for me. I’m facing the same problem.
    It’s completely 3 months that I left my previous company but still I’m not getting my claimed money. I’m working in another company now.

    I also contacted my prev company’s PF accountant but he says that my application letter is not updated yet. It’s very cumbersome and tedious Santanu.

    So please Santanu, suggest me what actions to take, what to do?!!!!!!

    1. Hi Vaibhav,

      Did your previous employer file your withdrawal application to EPFO? If they are done, then you should get your money by this time. Ask them clearly and find out what is the reason for this delay.

      1. Hi Manidipa,

        I contacted my previous employer. The employer said that my withdrawal application is file to EPFO and it’s pending to be processed. He also said that it’s not predictable that how much time it takes to get my claimed amount as EPFO is currently busy in the process of UAN system.

        I’m tired of this Manidipa. 🙁

        And it seems to me that the employer is lazy / delaying / not paying enough attention to it.

        Very bad exp 🙁

        1. Hi Vaibhav,
          This is really sad as after employer submission to EPFO, they will not be responsible further. If you can then try to communicate to EPFO with your application. It might be frustrated, but all of them are your hard earned money only, can’t accept the fact. 🙂

          1. I have talked to my employer on phone about 3 times and met 2 times face to face. Every time my employer says that the EPF firm is currently busy a lot in UAN process that is introduced recently. So it’s still hard to tell the time when I get my claimed amount. Really I have all these.

  76. Hi Shantanu,

    Can you please confirm if I can withdraw money using my UAN account?


    1. Hi Rohit,
      As UAN number is new concept, I am not sure about that. But I think one can withdraw EPF money by providing UAN no. in future, as this will be the only unique number to identify your PF account.

  77. Hello sir,

    My application got rejected because my account number differs from the actual one . (account number was mentioned wrongly in the form )

    So what is the next procedure now ? Should i fill another form and submit it to my ex employer ?? or else i can submit the same form again ?

    Thank u in advance

    1. Hi Chetan,

      Fill the form again with correct account number and send the form again. Read the rejection letter carefully and take necessary actions.
      Don’t worry, it happened to me also. Just take time, but you will get your money soon. 🙂

      1. Thank you sir for your valuable response.

        In rejection letter it is mentioned as –

        “account number differs & please contact ex employer , – any overwritings must be attested by employer”

        Shoud i fill another new form or i have to edit the rejected form itself by attestation ???

          1. Thank you sir!

            Regarding my re submission of form. Do i need to submit any other form except form10 & form19 ???

            Please Reply soon

          2. No, I think these are the only 2 form you have to submit.
            By the why why your previous application has been rejected? Check the letter carefully and fill the form properly this time and also check whether they have mentioned about anything extra beyond these 2 forms.

  78. Hi Santanu,

    Like to appreciate for sharing your experience in this blog.

    I have few questions to ask regarding how to claim my PF amount.

    I would like to resign my job since i have some issues in my salary increment for couple of years.

    I want to claim my PF amount since i have planned to resolve my loans using this amount.

    I am not aware of the new rule but previously employees informed that i will get my PF amount after 45 days of resigning my job where my organization will itself take care of this and provide the final settlement amount.

    Could you please clearly explain me that how many days it will take to claim my PF amount and what is the procedure to claim my PF amount?

    Can i also transfer my PF account to the newly joint company if i get an offer?

    If I am working in other concern and after that i can claim my PF amount of the previous organization?

    My PF has been deducted for Past 3 year and 11 months(47 months).

    Please advise.

    Appreciate your explanation to the above questions.

    Thanks for helping to other peoples as well,

    1. Hi Selva,

      That waiting period of 45-60 days will be there, as per my knowledge. After that you can contact your previous employer and start following the steps to withdraw pf money.
      Of-course you can transfer you pf account to new account. Better to apply for UAN number and provide that to your new employer.
      Now, regarding withdrawal vs transfer, I think you can decide that your own as per the need. I have already shared an article on that, may be useful for you.

    1. Hi Nithin,

      Thanks for your comment.
      No one is misleading here, this information for those who want to withdraw and they should withdraw. People can have different views on that.
      Recently Govt has disclosed the amount pending in provident fund which people didn’t even withdraw or transfer.
      Instead of sitting that money idle there why not take it out and put in a long term mutual fund? Anyway, it’s individuals choice how he/she want to continue any investment. 🙂

      Anyway, an article related to how to transfer EPF amount is also in progress. 🙂

    1. Hi Avi,

      Where did you apply? means via your previous employer or directly to PPF office? Find out that status and then communicate to the corresponding department by email or calling.

  79. I have left my company and dont think i can get any support from them so that i withdraw my money.

    any way out where in i do not have to contact them.

    i have huge money in my PF account.

    1. Hi Sam,

      I think you can take help of consumer forum or some legal help to get this matter resolve. Although I am not sure, but how come your old company stop you to get your EPF money?
      I will try to find out what are the ways to come out of this situation and update you. 🙂

  80. Hi bro.I have send my pf documents to Maharashtra kandivali pf office one month back. How many days to get the money .and minimum how many months of work experience required to claim our pf….

    1. Hi Azam,

      So far I have withdraw EPF money 2 times at the time of quitting previous companies. First time it took around 6 month, but this time it took less than 2 months after submission of my EPF forms properly.
      Actually first time due to some incomplete information, EPF application got rejected and it returned back to me.

  81. Hi, I am working in current company for 4 years and 8 months, I need money , how to withdraw pf money. Can u help me. It’s my brother marriage. In April. Plz help me and guide me. Thx

    1. Hi Praveen,

      I think you can contact your company’s respective department and ask them. They will help you to do that.
      But, you could wait for few more months as after 5 year, the entire amount will be tax free. Else you have to pay income tax.

  82. Hi, i am working under the same company from last 5.2 years. Can I withdraw of amount deposited by this company??


    1. Hi Gov,

      Why do you want to withdraw the EPF amount? I hope you know that you have to provide a genuine reason like Education or marriage, Medical treatment, Purchase of plot, Repayment of home loan, Pre-retirement etc. Its better to contact your employer for more details about the procedure.

  83. Hi As i joined a new organisation and i wish to withdraw my PF from my previous organisation.
    They have the company policy like after you will get the F&F then only you can cliam the PF withdrawl process.

    But My question as below,

    1. Is the Nationalised Bank A/c compulsory as i don’t have the
    2.And my previos organisation have 2 option either you can directly submitt the PF Form or via company but as i knew from old employee that they are taking too much time to complete the procedure if you are submiting to the company consultant & if i go manually also they are taking too much time to put the employer stamp on the form & we need to contineous follow up with them.

    Plz guid me on above if any is having the idea

    1. Congrats on your new Job. 🙂
      It would be very useful for the readers if you share the latest info regarding EPF withdrawal procedure.

  84. In case I withdraw money from EPF account, how much time it will take to get the money in my account?

    1. Hi Rajani,

      Now a days process have improved, as per my experience in 1-2 months max you should get the amount in your bank account if submitted to PPF department from your employer successfully.

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