How to Withdraw EPF Without Employer Signature

Do you want to know how to withdraw EPF without employer signature? The reasons may be many like – your employer is not cooperating, you have not served your notice period, you want to withdraw your provident fund without the resignation, or might be the company is closed. Whatever be the reason is, you will be happy to know that, EPF withdrawal without employer signature is now easy.

In earlier days it was a lengthy process to withdraw your EPF balance. With the recently launched new EPF Withdrawal Forms, now you don’t need to wait for your employer’s support & can directly go to the regional EPFO. The three new EPF withdrawal forms are – Form 19 UAN, Form 10C UAN and Form 31 UAN.

Withdraw EPF Without Employer Signature Terms & Conditions 

For various reasons lakhs of employees are there, who want to get their PF money without going to the employer. And this new rule is a big relief to them. To avail this facility you must adhere to the below five conditions.

  • You must have completed more than two months of service
  • You must have your UAN number activated.
  • You must have your Aadhaar number linked with UAN.
  • Your KYC must be verified by your employer using digital signatures.
  • You must provide your Bank details with UAN.

Steps to withdraw EPF without employer signature

The new forms of the EPF Withdrawal are simplified and contains very few fields. You just have to fill and submit them directly to the regional EPFO Office without worrying about your employer signature.

  • First of all, download the new EPF withdrawal form. This is a separate form from the regular Form 19, Form 10C and form 31.
  • In these form you need to fill the mobile number, name, UAN, Address, Date of leaving, reason of leaving along with your PAN.
  • You should only fill the ‘Form 19 UAN’ in order to withdraw the EPF amount.
  • Attach a canceled cheque with these forms.
  • Submit the new EPF withdrawal forms to the regional EPFO along with the canceled cheque.

You can also withdraw your EPS benefit, make partial withdrawal, loan, or advance with these forms.

  • To withdraw the pension benefit under EPS, you need to fill the form ‘10C UAN‘.

Also keep in mind that, all the information given in the forms should match with UAN database. EPFO will verify your bank account number of canceled cheque with the number mentioned in UAN database. The EPF balance will be deposited into the bank account mentioned in UAN database. So it is mandatory that both of these account match. You can give your salary account of your previous job.

Know the new EPF withdrawal forms

  1. New Form 19 (UAN): You can use this form to withdraw EPF amount in case you quit your job due to retirement, resignation, disablement, termination, marriage or permanent settlement abroad.
  2. New Form 10C (UAN): You can use this form xalong with Form 19 (UAN) to claim the EPS amount (Employee Pension Scheme).
  3. New Form 31 (UAN): You can use this form to avail advances or withdrawal.

You can read the complete EPFO circular here. In case anyone has an experience of EPF withdrawal without employer signature, please feel free to share it in the comments below.

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