ICICI Student GIC Program Canada -Guaranteed Investments Certificate

Are you planning for higher studies in Canada or applying for higher education in Canada? Then ICICI Student Guaranteed Investments Certificate (GIC) Program can solve your money transfer related problem. This recently launched Student Guaranteed Investments Certificate (GIC) Program is for the students aspiring career opportunities in Canada. Under this program students applying to invest in a GIC of $10,000 with a bank in Canada. This scheme will enable the Indian students to transfer funds for their Indian account to ICICI Bank Canada account easily. The money will be paid to the student in 12 installments with interest earned. For more details read below.

How to apply for the Student GIC program

If you are planning to go to Canada for higher study, then you can look for this Student Guaranteed Investments Certificate (GIC) Program and transfer money to Canada easily. Check out the easy to follow steps below to get this done.

ICICI Student GIC Program Canada (Guaranteed Investments Certificate)

  • First of all visit ICICI Bank Canada website (www.icicibank.ca). Register for the Student GIC program and you will get a password. With this password you have to access a secured email account from where you can download the application form online.
  • Next, fill up the form online and submit using that secure email account only. You can also visit designated Forex Branches of ICICI Bank in India and hand over the form to them. Check ICICI bank Canada website for more details.
  • Now your account is ready. Deposit $10,000 to your ICICI Bank Canada Student GIC Program’ account in India. There will be a processing fee of $150.
  • Now you have to visit in Canada and visit to your nearest ICICI branch in Canada. Complete the residual documentation of ICICI Bank Canada Student GIC program. For list of ICICI bank branches in Canada, you can visit www.icicibank.ca.

If you want to know more details about this program you can either call to ICICI bank customer care, visit nearest branch or visit the link here.

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