ICICI Smart Vault – India’s First Fully Automated Locker

If you are planning to open your first bank locker then you will be happy to hear that ICICI bank has introduced a fully automated locker in India as ICICI Smart Vault. This is a bank locker where you don’t have to take help from any bank personal as you can operate the locker your own. This is a very highly secured locker with couple of layer of verification and security checks before you actually access your valuable. So, far there is no clear information about ICICI Smart Vault charges. Anyway let’s find out more details below.

How to use ICICI Smart Vault and secure your valuables in a Bank Locker

ICICI Smart Vault works with the help of an automatic robotic technology from a secure vault area. Customers can access the lockers in total privacy without any intervention of the branch staff, ICICI Bank said. Here are the steps to access ICICI Smart vault.

Step 1 : First of all you have to use your debit card and authorize with bio-metric authentication to enter into the secure vault area, from where you can access your ICICI locker.

Step 2 : Next use your debit card again and provide your ATM PIN to start accessing the locker facility.

Step 3 : The robotic arm will then look for your locker and bring it in front of you. You might seen such things in a Hollywood movie which is now possible with ICICI smart vault i India as well.

Step 4 : Then you have to use the unique key provided by the bank to open the locker. You can also use an additional personal lock on your locker.

Step 5 : As soon as you are done with your locker you have to press the Exit button so that system will shut the locker properly.

Step 6 : You will find a Thank You message followed by the robotic arm taking your locker back into the secure area.

So far ICICI smart vault has launched in Delhi only. Very soon this locker facility will be rolled out into other cities in India after initial success & test. But it seems the charges fo ICICI smart vault bank locket will be little higher compared to typical manually operated bank lockers. For more details visit ICICI bank Smart Vault page.

Are you feeling excited to open your first locket with ICICI smart vault? Share your feedback and also any kind of experience while operating bank lockers by writing a simple comment below.

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