With more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram, it is quite clear that brands have fallen madly in love with this photo-centric social media platform that has set a scorching pace of growth to cross the milestone of one billion active monthly users.

That the love is also reciprocated by the followers is amply demonstrated by the fact that an astonishing 80% of Instagram followers visit at least one business profile daily. Influencer marketing has become popular in the world of social media, including Instagram.

Brands continue to seek new channels to acquire a fan base and market their products in a credible, subtle yet very effective manner. For businesses that have not yet experimented with influencer marketing, some of the top benefits explained:

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Builds Trust and Credibility

The reason why Instagram users follow influencers is that they like them and think them to be their role models. They find influencers inspirational and repose a lot of faith in their opinions and recommendations. Influencers become what they are by dint of their large number of followers who think that the person they are following is a leader in a particular domain.

The leadership status may have been established because of their achievements or they might have been generally acknowledged to have special domain knowledge or skills that set them apart from the rest of the people. However, it is not uncommon for spillovers to take place, which means that a sportsperson can often recommend a deodorant.

People will still tend to believe and trust in it even though rational thought will reveal no domain expertise. Studies have established that influencer recommendations are responsible for substantially increasing the purchase intent among followers because of the trust factor.

Enables Brand Communication to Highly-Relevant Target Audiences

One of the main advantages of influencer marketing on Instagram for brands is that they are able to communicate with specific target audiences without incurring the typical wastage of mass media advertising that cannot be accurately targeted to only prospects.

The typically high return on investment of influencer marketing is due to the high degree of relevance to the target audience. For example, if you are selling breakfast cereals, you may think of choosing an influencer who has a follower base comprising mothers with young children like a celebrity doctor, a nutritionist or even a movie personality with a young family.

With the product recommendations reaching out to a focused audience, the chances of conversions are automatically boosted, leading to a high ROI.

Does Not Seem Salesy

Followers, typically, do not think the recommendations to be a part of a sales activity because typically it is extremely unobtrusive and also because the followers are receptive to this kind of communication.

When an influencer makes a suggestion regarding a product or a service, it is often taken as friendly advice from a friend who has your best interest at heart as opposed to an advertisement that is clearly designed to make them purchase it.

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Answers to tricky questions like does Instagram notify when you screenshot a post are also taken to be more accurate and authentic. People are naturally resistant to pushy salesmanship of conventional advertising but have their guards down when it comes from an influencer that they trust and are inspired by.

Influencer marketing is also a valuable method of bypassing the ad blockers that most customers use on their computers for browsing the web.

Helps to Increase Brand Reach and Awareness

The main problem facing each and every brand manager is how to access target audiences that have not received any brand exposure or failed to respond to the conventional marketing channels.

By using influencer marketing, brands can reach out to completely new audiences of the desired profile and engage with them far more effectively, often with the follower participating enthusiastically in the process due to influencer recommendation.

Brands that were never in the consideration list or had any top-of-the-mind recall with these audiences often find themselves far more acceptable after an influencer has recommended it. This influencer marketing not only expands the brand reach and awareness but creates a positive and receptive mindset among followers that promotes conversions.

Quicker Customer Acquisition

One of the principal benefits of influencer marketing on Instagram is the target audience is already more receptive to the brand and therefore converts far more quickly than any other channel.

Among all sales channels, https://www.entrepreneur.com says that influencer marketing has the highest and the fastest rate of conversions, which leads ROIs that can be 11 times more than that delivered by other digital communication methods.

Provides More Bang for the Buck for Marketers

Conventional advertising is usually very expensive because targeting specific audiences is impossible and this leads to a very high degree of resource wastage. Intensive mass media campaigns can only be afforded by very large brands on a continuous basis; mostly advertising can only be done in phases due to its high cost.

Small businesses find it impossible to afford the budgets that traditional advertising requires and, in any case, most of the advertising goes to waste if the product or service is only available locally. Even as star Instagram influencers charge sky-high endorsement rates, if you choose your influencers with care and work only with micro-influencers with followers having the right demographics, you can limit your expenses and make it quite affordable.

The beauty of using micro-influencers is that you can use a number of them at the same time without breaking the bank and keep on tweaking your selection until you achieve a perfect balance. While some influencers will be happy to work for you for just a free product, the majority of micro-influencers should be available for less than $500 for each sponsored post.


Effective Instagram influencer marketing strategies can be worked for every budget and every sector. As long as you can find a credible figure with a set of followers over which influence can be demonstrably shown in terms of the rate of engagement.

You can try your hand at increasing your brand awareness and reach at costs that are very reasonable considering that you can work to connect with specifically targeted audiences and increase your brand awareness for better conversions and brand loyalty.

Author Bio – Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.