IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tips and Tricks for Confirm Tickets

IRCTC Tatkal booking Tips and Tricks: Tatkal tickets are often a headache for the customers, and getting a confirmed ticket via IRCTC is a huge task. So if you have been struggling for long to get for yourself a ticket in the Tatkal quota but seem to always fail at doing it successfully, then here I am going to list down for you some tips and tricks for IRCTC tatkal booking which shall help you to get through.

Getting your tickets confirmed before travel is indeed very important. The general waiting list is always given prior importance than a tatkal waiting list, and therefore you need to make sure you have a confirmed tatkal ticket only. To make sure that you manage to get one, here are some tips.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tips and Tricks

1. Time management: The time displayed on your computer must be in sync with that of IRCTC. Make sure you log into your IRCTC account by 9:55 and keep your session alive until 9:58. Then, proceed to plan my travel option and fill in all the details required in the Tatkal quota. The moment the time hits 10:00, submit your travel details. The sooner the better!

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2. Use multiple accounts: For booking a ticket in tatkal quota, you must try to do it from more than just a single account since it shall help you to get the tickets atleast at one of the places. However, you must not book tickets on different browsers from the same account as it might lead to you being logged out automatically.

3. Pre-process: You can make use of this link: With this, you can simply pre fill the details and get a bookmarklet which shall in turn save you a couple of minutes.

4. Use a personal network: It is rather advisable to use a personal network while booking tickets since you would rather not get one if you try booking ticket from a public network. IRCTC allows only two tickets to be booked via a particular IP address and therefore, anyone apart from those two lucky people shall only be ticketless.

5. Use netbanking for payment: The entire process of making the payment by card will take up a couple of more minutes and might cost you your ticket. Netbanking is a rather fast process and just one OTP is all you will need to make the payment.

Last, but not the least, keep your calm. You need to remain calm and not uselessly get hyperactive over it. At the end of it all, it is just a train ticket and you need to feel all worked up about it.

And these were some general and basic tips for IRCTC tatkal booking, that should help you to get a confirmed tatkal ticket for your next trip. All you need to do is keep certain things in mind, and you’d be good to go!

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  1. Your Sites provides us comprehensive details about to book tatkal ticket and its online process. great to shows step by step process to book an Tatkal ticket online. Thanks for writing such post.

  2. Good article Manideepa. I visited Tirupathi last weekend. my tickets booked more than 1 month back were not confirmed. In tatkal, I logged in 5 minutes before that and I selected journey and was silent till it shows “Book now” in tatkal option. I know that if I refresh more than 4 times, it would logout and I need to login again. Staying calm, logging in 5 mts before 10 am, netbanking payment has helped me to get tatkal tickets twice (both onward and return journey too). May be your article I read after my journey, but these are definitely useful tips

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