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Kerala Lottery Result 2020: Win Up To 1 Crore (Play 7 Days a Week)

Searching for Kerala lottery Results today? Do you know which website provides all updates about Kerala lottery results, tickets and winners numbers? Then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to share everything about the Kerala state lotteries 2020.

53 years back Govt of Kerala took an initiative to launch their Kerala Lottery. This was launched during the time when the Finance Minister was P.K. Kunju Sahib. In fact, his role was very big to launch Kerala Lottery and create some job opportunities for the unemployed population of Kerala. From that time many people are taking part in this lottery and win the prize of Kerala Lottery.

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Kerala Lottery Result Today 2020

How To Check Kerala Lottery Results in Today

When I searched the internet to find out where to get the live results of Kerala Lottery, I found 1 website where you will find live updates every day.

The website is:

You can visit this website and keep a track of the Kerala Lottery ticket numbers that you have purchased.

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Kerala Lottery Results in 2020: Play Daily & Win Prize

They run a daily lottery in different names. Yes, every day you will find a different lottery for which you have to buy tickets and participate. Here are 7 different Kerala lotteries that are very famous in Kerala.

1. Pournami Lottery Results [Sunday]

This lottery is played every Sunday. The Pournami lottery ticket price is Rs.30/- only (face value 26.8 +GST). Every Sunday at 3 PM the draw happen and Pournami lottery Results declared. The code for Pournami lottery ticket number is “RN”, so keep a track of this and look for your number on the results. Everyday Kerala Govt releases the lottery in 12 series and around 108 lakh tickets issues daily for sale. So, if you are also taking part in this Pournami lottery then follow the website mentioned above for more details.

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2. Win-Win Lottery Results [Monday]

Every Monday this Win-Win lottery is played. Similar to every day you have to buy tickets and participate. The draw will happen at 4 PM and after that, you can check the Win-Win lottery results to find your luck. The ticket code for this lottery is “W”.

3. Sthree Sakthi Lottery Results [Tuesday]

Every Tuesday you can play this Sthree Sakthi lottery. The unique code for this lottery is “SS”. Similar to other Kerala Weekly Lotteries, this one also discloses the results after the draw happens at 3 M daily. Keep your lottery ticket number handy with the code to check your lottery results.

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4. Akshaya Lottery Results [Wednesday]

Akshaya Lottery is played every Wednesday. This is also like the other weekly lotteries and the unique code for this lottery is “AK”. Make sure to keep a track of everyday draw happen at 3 PM. After that, you can check the official results of the Kerala lottery to test your luck.

5. Karunya Plus Lottery Results [Thursday]

On Thursday if you want to play Kerala Lottery, then you have to buy tickets for Karunya Plus Lottery. Make sure to note down the unique code for this lottery is “KN”. Every Thursday at 3 PM the draw happen and after that, you can check the results of the lottery to find your luck.

6. Nirmal Lottery Results [Friday]

The Nirmal lottery is played every Friday at 3 PM. This is also another popular Kerala lottery name like the other weekly lotteries. The unique code name is “NR”, so make sure to keep that in mind with the ticket number.

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7. Karunya Lottery Results [Saturday]

Every Saturday you can play Karunya Lottery at 3 PM. Although the name looks similar, the one played on Thursday is Karunya PLUS and this one is simply Karunya. And the unique code is also different and that is “KR”.

Conclusion: Kerala State Lotteries Results in 2020

So, these are a few of the popular Kerala Lottery names that you can play and win a prize up to 1 crore. Besides them also you will get notifications for special lotteries like New “POOJA BUMPER” 2020 Result, Bumper Lottery Results and many more. Just visit that website we have mentioned and keep a track of every single upcoming Kerala Lottery Result 2020 and information in one place.

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