LIC Bima Samadhan Education Series

Do you heard about LIC Bima Samadhan, an education series about life insurance?

Recently, I came across about this topic from TOI newspaper. When I look for online to know more about LIC Bima Samadhan, I did not find any useful information. Not even in LIC of India official website.

But, I liked the initiative taken by Life insurance corporation of India as this will definitely help people to know more about life insurance, will tell why insurance is important in any individuals life and various other facts related to insurance. In this article I have collected such 2 pictures from TOI newspaper and shared the same.

LIC Bima Samadhan by LIC of India

LIC Bima Samadhan

The first picture tell about the link between responsibility and life insurance. And then it is mostly related to LIC related information only. I found few key points to note down from this picture are

  • What is life insurance, a small introduction
  • The key data LIC need from a customer to help in a better way
  • Explaining why it is better to access LIC online portal
  • Encouraging to pay premium via NEFT online transaction

LIC Bima Samadhan

From the 2nd picture, we can take couple of good points actually. They are

  • One should know how much insurance is required
  • Flexibility while paying premium payment in case terms & as well as payment modes.
  • Fill up the all the information with 100% accuracy and honesty
  • Read the policy document carefully, even if it is lengthy & boring.

LIC Bima Samadhan Review

This is a very good initiative by LIC. But I am not sure whether LIC will target to sell their policies only by educating people. Why I am saying this is, most of the LIC policies are targeting insurance with investment. And these kind of products are not perfect for life cover and even long term return point of view.

Of-course there are couple of products which are good for an investor, who doesn’t want to take much risk, happy with moderate return and by saving income tax. With time LIC has come a long way and in future I think they will launch more good policies.

But, overall LIC Bima Samadhan is a great initiative. This will definitely help people to think about insurance and encourage them to gain some knowledge and the buy. After all one have to understand that life insurance is not for saving income tax only, it is about securing your family;s future if absence of you.

Note: This is not a sponsored article or paid review. We are writing about any topic as per our interest and knowledge to aware people. In case any objection with content, please contact us.

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    1. I don’t have all of them. I found these 2 recently and thus updated. I will be sharing the further updates as soon as I discover.

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