LIC Jeevan Sangam Premium chart / table

LIC Jeevan Sangam Table No. 831 is a Single Premium Payment Plan launched recently. In-fact LIC has launched one more plan Children’s Money Back Plan at the same time in 2015.

In this article I will share LIC Jeevan Sangam premium chart or table with various premium amounts and sum assured values as per different ages. As this is a single premium payment plan, one will get till June 1st week 2015 to buy LIC Jeevan Sangam plan.

LIC Jeevan Sangam premium chart

In this article we will check the premium rates of Jeevan Sangam and also calculate the rate of return on investment. Data to consider as per below premium chart

  • Age : 30 years
  • Policy Term: 12 years
  • Mode of Premium: Single
  • Tabular Single Premium: 38469
  • Single Premium Paid: 38469
  • Maturity Sum Assured: 75,000 (Min basic sum assured)
  • Amount Payable on death: 3,84,690 (10 times of single premium after risk commencement age)

This is the lowest premium for LIC Jeevan Sangam plan. For more cases you can refer to below LIC Jeevan Sangam premium chart.

lic jeevan sangam premium table chart 831
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Calculate return from this Jeevan Sangam premium chart

If we consider the minimum premium amount for this plan, then on maturity one will get 75,000 + Bonus amount on investment of 38469. We all know that how much loyalty bonus LIC used to pay as per history.

That is not at all good and hopefully will be same in future in the rage of 4-5 % max. In that case the net gain will be something around 6% max.

So use this Jeevan Sangam premium chart and check out how much premium you have to pay as per your age.

But if your investment horizon is more than 10 years or 12 years as per this plan, then there are many investment options which can give a better return.

And regarding life insurance, no one can beat the importance and coverage of a pure term plan by paying a lowest premium amount.

If you ask me the best alternative for Jeevan Sangam plan, it would be a pure term plan + pure investment or savings scheme like mutual fund, ppf account, bonds, gold ETF etc.

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