What is LPG Connection Portability?

Did you hear about LPG Connection Portability for the first time? You might be aware about MNP or mobile number portability, similarly LCP has launched to transfer your LPG gas connection within distributors.

This is a step towards providing power to consumers, as now one can opt out and join a good distributor in case facing any problem. People also find it difficult when changes city due to job transfer.

In such a case if your local distributor of one city doesn’t have any presence in your target city, then this LPG Connection Portability facility will help you to transfer your gas connection from one distributor to another.

How to do LPG connection portability

First of all you have to visit to your distributor office (E.g. Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) and register your LPG gas connection.

After that, you can see all the gas distributors listed & rated based on their service. You can find out the rating system that Govt. is going to implement:

  • Excellent (delivering 85%of refills in 2 days)
  • Very good (delivering 85% of refills in 4 days)
  • Good  (delivering 85%refills in 6 days)
  • Average (delivering 85% of refills in 8 days)
  • Below average (delivering 85%refills in 10 days)
  • Poor (delivering 85% refills in more than 10 days)

Choose your preferred gas distributor and send them email with required information. On return you will get an email as confirmation, containing the next steps to take to transfer your LPG gas connection.

On confirmation, you have to visit your earlier distributors office and submit the gas connection with cylinder. Its like applying for a new LPG gas connection after that.

You don’t have to pay any additional fee for transferring amount besides re-application charges.

You can visit company websites to find out more information

IOCL : www.indane.co.in
HPCL : http://dcmstransperancy.hpcl.co.in
BPCL : www.ebharatgas.com

So, did you use LPG Connection Portability? How did you find the new process? Is it worth and a time taking process like other Govt. schemes? Share your feedback & experience regarding this topic here.

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