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Have you ever thought that your identity could be at risk, while you are enjoying whole day surfing on social media websites? Do you know everyday how many people’s personal data has been hacked by hacker and then misused by them. Do you ever feel how much damage that could be?

Online predators are always tracking what your kids or you are surfing over internet and then as per their comfort level they can penetrate in your system and hack your personal data. What kind of personal data I am talking here?

With technology, when almost every thing we are operating from system, one have to secure their personal information like mobile number, address, bank account number, passwords, insurance data and many more. In case you have leaked any of the data, then something uncomfortable could happen to you.

You might be aware about cyber bullying, which is very common in school kids & college kids. Many students die due to such practice. Anyway, here I am sharing a very useful website, with which one can get comprehensive data protection online.

What is, is nothing but a software program which has been designed such a way that, it can monitor one’s online activities and provide necessary alert whenever some threat is expected.

You system will be scanned all the time like an anti virus and all suspicious websites, inbound links will be stopped and your data (E.g. Social Security numbers, driver’s license and passport numbers, bank account and credit card numbers, email addresses, phone numbers and more.) will be safe guarded.

There is automatic alert system inbuilt, which will alert you in case someone tried to hack your system or data, so that you can then take necessary action to minimize that risk. Children are much more exposed to such threats as they might use more dating websites or adult content, with which many online predators easily trap them.

How much I have to spend to get Metlife Defender protection?

You can enjoy a 30 day FREE period and enjoy all the features of MetlifeDefender without paying a single penny. In case you would like to continue after 30 days, you can further buy any of the packages.

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Metlife Defender has basically 2 different plans designed for individuals & family need. The pricing for the same is like below. You can get 10% off in-case you buy the protection for your entire family.

Metlifedefender subscription price and review

Once you buy the plans, you will get below protection from Metlife Defender.

  • Personal Data Protection
  • Credit Monitoring and Alerts
  • Financial Data Protection
  • Medical Data Protection
  • Privacy, Protection, Detection, Removal
  • Junk Mail and Pre-approval Offer Opt-out
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • 24/7 Personalized Assistance
  • $5 Million Service Guarantee
  • PLUS Cyber predator protection
  • PLUS Cyber bullying protection
  • PLUS Child ID theft scanning and protection

Last 3 features are only enabled for family plan. Anyway, want to know more about Metlife Defender, the visit their website and explore more and know how you can safe guard your personal data from online theft.

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