Monthly Vs. Quarterly Vs. Weekly SIP : Which Installment Is Best In SIP?

In case you are considering investing in SIP, then I am sure you might be in confusion among monthly, weekly or quarterly SIP. One of the foremost things that you will be required to do is understand your finances and your investment requirements. Then only you should start a SIP that is ideal for your situation.

The first thing that you must do is go beyond having knowledge of the age-old monthly SIP schemes. You must explore whether the other options now available in the financial market. When I first started with Axis SIP, I spend quite enough time to understand how they work.

It must also be kept in mind that while monthly SIPs are most commonly advised by financial experts to salaried investors. It may sometimes be the case that with your present income situation it is best to go for a quarterly one, which allows you more flexibility.

It is always, however, different in the case of two individual investors and you must select the SIP Investment plan that serves the exclusive purposes of benefiting your finances.

Why Most Investors Swear By Monthly Investments

It is important to understand the workings that go into the monthly SIP Investments becoming the most widely preferred scheme. Most of the salaried investors, it is possible to choose the option of paying a fixed sum of money on a fixed date every month in the mutual fund scheme.

This is not only good for investment point of view, but also for creating a habit of savings. I still remember when my parents were investing in RD or recurring deposit accounts every month. You can assume, both are a similar tool only from the investment habit point of view at least.

Which one to choose between Monthly or Quarterly or Weekly SIP?

Monthly SIPs are good for salaried individuals who are getting a fixed income every month. They can easily make sure they are paying a fixed amount every month for a SIP. This way they can make sure their income & investment both a secured and grow with time.

It could, from time to time be swayed in case you face unforeseen financial situations where you end up spending more than usual. With monthly SIPs you can, therefore, bring about a financial discipline with which to handle your money.

You must also be aware of the fact that regular investments of the type of monthly SIPs serve a greater purpose in averaging the costs of purchase of mutual funds that you incur.

Quarterly SIPs: For investors that are not salaried and have the periodically interchangeable scheme of cash flow, quarterly SIP is often a better option as it allows the investor to choose a frequency concerning investment which is most suited to their financial timeline.

These kinds of SIP Investment, however also has the downside of being affected by the volatility of the financial market as far as purchase costs are concerned. Such SIPs are different from Perpetual SIP and you can stop, pause or end it as and when your financial goals are achieved.

Weekly SIPs: Weekly SIPs are actually not as bad as you can enjoy the benefit of market fluctuations. E.g. if you go for a monthly SIP and you may not get lucky to buy your units at the lowest price of that month. But in the case of weekly SIP, you will get at least 4 chances in a month. It may get another way also.


So, here the point is to start a SIP as early as possible. Because this way you will be able to start your investment and also start investing in the stock market without taking much risk. There is no doubt that the stock market is giving the best return compared to other investment products in India.

But it is not good for people with less knowledge to jump into the stock market without any knowledge. So, it is always advised to start with systematic investment plans or SIPs. Now you can decide which SIP is good for you Weekly or Monthly or Quarterly.

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