How to fill ITR 1 Sahaj Income Tax Return Form 2015-16

With the need of efilling income tax return, many people want to know how to fill ITR 1 sahaj form online. The ITR 1 SAHAJ Form is an income tax return form for individuals, by income tax department of India. Previously, a 14-page form was disclosed to make income tax return more transparent, which has created a huge controversy due to the complexity of information asking.

But Govt. has immediately taken that form back for review and came up with the new ITR 1 SAHAJ form, asking only few pages of information. Is this ITR 1 form really SAHAJ & simple while filling? What are the improvements or new information one has to share to fill the new income tax return form online?

How to fill ITR 1 Sahaj Form for Income tax return

Before proceeding further, one should keep in mind that the deadline for submitting income tax return is extended till 31st August. So, no need to worry, one can take time to understand the new ITR forms or else choose from any e Filling website who will take some money & necessary documents and file your income tax return online on behalf of your.

New changes in ITR 1 SAHAJ form

I would like to mention and share the screenshot of the newly added section in this ITR 1 SAHAJ form. In the tax paid & verification tab, under section D20 find out the area where one has to submit all their operating bank accounts with IFSC code, account number.

ITR 1 (SAHAJ) income tax return form

If you have foreign bank accounts, then ITR 1 is not for you. File your IT return with ITR 4S (SUGAM). Anyway, check out the screenshot I took from ITR 1 SAHAJ Java Utility based form.

Download Income Tax Returns Forms here.

ITR 1 Sahaj form filling instructions

So, here are the few points you should remember while filling new income tax return form online.

  • First of all make sure that your income source is only your salary. If you make any other income from business, capital gains, foreign assets etc then ITR 1 SAHAJ is not enough for you.
  • Share your passport number in the form. You can find it with an option provided as “IF available”. It’s not optional for those who have valid Indian passport.
  • Provide all your existing & operating savings accounts details with valid IFSC code, account numbers.
  • If you have Aadhar card, then share your aadhar number as well.
  • In case you have traveled to abroad in previous year due to study, employment or business, then you don’t have to share the same in case any income is not generated from those trips.
  • Individuals or HUFs having foreign assets have to declare the amount in ITR-2 as income from any source outside India.
  • Additional 4 pages has also been attached to this new ITR 1 SAHAJ form for individuals to share more information. I don’t believe anyone will share information voluntarily, so the purpose of this pages might be to handle various specific case.

Don’t Miss No need to send ITR acknowledgement to CPC Bangalore

So, did you take a look at the new ITR 1 SAHAJ form? When are you planning to file your IT return? Try to do a thorough research before you file your income tax return online by self providing 100% accurate information.

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