New Passport Application Rules in India 2018 | List of Documents Required

Applying for passport in India? do you the recent changes made in the rules of passport application process? If the answer is no, then you are at the right place as I will be sharing the latest changes in documents required to apply passport in India and few other rules for single parent, sadhus & sanyasis.

It was always a confusion about the proof of date of birth as many people can’t able to provide birth certificate due to many reasons. Not only that, when you are applying for a passport for a minor in India, you have to provide the signature of both the parents. But what if parents are divorced or there are other reasons? Thinking all these points & problems, the new rules has been implemented which will definitely relax the norms of passport application in India.

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New Passport Application Rules in India

You can follow the official link of MEA website where this press release has been disclosed and read the complete details. But here I have just collected the key points to read.

Date of Birth Certificate: Now one can submit any of the documents like Matriculation Certificate, PAN card, Aadhaar Card or E-Aadhaar, Copy of the extract of the service record of the applicant, Driving licence, Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC), LIC policy bond as proof of birth.

Application for Minor: Now its not mandatory for parents to provide signature while applying passport for their minor child. Orphaned children who do not have any proof, can now submit a declaration given by the head of the orphanage/child care home on their official letterhead confirming the DOB of the applicant.

Single Parent / Sadhus and sanyasis: Sadhus and sanyasis can now mention the names of their spiritual gurus instead of biological parents. Separated or divorced applicants will not have to mention the name of her or his spouse

So, if you are planning to apply a new passport in India, or want to change any information in your passport then you should know these new changes in the rules so that you can get the benefit out of it. If you find this useful, please share with your friends. Thanks for reading about this new Passport Application Rules in India.

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