NTPC Tax-Free Bond with 7.62% Interest Rate – September 2015

NTPC Tax-Free Bond September 2015 is the first tax Free bond hit in market for this year. After a gap of 1 year NTPC Tax-Free Bond launched in market again with an interest rate of 7.62%. This could be a very good long term investment option for an investor who is happy with a moderate & guaranteed return. Let’s discover few more facts about NTPC Tax-Free Bonds here.

Highlights of NTPC Tax-Free Bond September 2015

NTPC is a very well known power production Government company in India. It has also considered under Navaratna status. You can know more about this company by visiting their official website www.ntpc.co.in. Now let’s discover the points you should note if you want to invest in this NTPC Tax-Free Bond September 2015 issue.

  • NTPC Tax-Free Bond September 2015 issue will open for investment on 23.09.2015 and end on 30.09.2015. So you will get 8 days to decide and invest in a tax free bond.
  • The face value of this bond will be Rs 1,000 and minimum you have to invest for Rs 5,000 or 5 bonds.
  • The interest rate will depend up on the tenure of the investment. E.g If you invest for 10 years – 7.36% interest, for 15 years – 7.53% interest, for 20 years – 7.62% interest rate.
  • NRI people can also invest in NTPC Tax-Free Bond September 2015.
  • The interest amount will be paid on yearly basis.
  • Interest earned is 100% tax free and can’t be exempted for income tax benefits.

For more detailed information, you can visit the NTPC Tax-Free Bond Prospectus September 2015 issue page. 

How to invest in NTPC Tax-Free Bond September 2015 issue

The investment option is available via your demat account only. Either you can log in to your demat account and from tax free bond section invest directly. Or you can ask your stock broker to invest for you.

If you are happy to get a risk free return after a longer period, then NTPC Tax-Free Bond September 2015 issue could be perfect choice for you. Because the return is tax free and I believe this is better than a bank deposit. Because the net return of bank deposits are taxable as per your income tax slab.

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