Best Online Grocery Stores in Hyderabad 2018

Do you shop groceries online or you prefer to visit nearest supermarket to buy monthly groceries & vegetables? Do you know the number of online grocery stores across India has grown like anything in last few months.

I have noticed, many online grocery websites have come up in last few months in Hyderabad. I am a bigbasketeer and mostly order groceries monthly once from only. For vegetables & non-veg items I prefer to shop from local market only.

Anyway, here the topic is about how many such online grocery shops are operating in Hyderabad? Do you know them all? I will share the entire list and you will be amazed finding such a big list of online shopping websites.

List of Online Grocery Stores in Hyderabad

You might have been noticed some big banners of, and many first page newspaper promotions from, etc. I am following such start-ups from last couple of month and really amazed to see how many people are entering into this business recently.

This is also telling, how much demand for such business in a city like Hyderabad and I believe in all such cities across India. Many couples are working through out the week and there is hardly any time left for them to buy household stuffs, groceries & vegetables. But one can order groceries from anywhere, whenever they get time from any of the online grocery store.

Check out the massive list of such online grocery websites from where you can order household products online. I have shared the websites as per my research, but I am sure there might be couple of more sites, that can be added in this list.

Company Name Website
Vijetha Grocer
Hyderabad Basket
One Mart
Natures Basket
Kunnus Groceries
Mom Grocery
Call Griceries
Local Banya
My Mega Super Market
Grocer Cart
eTel Mart
Urban Groceries
Balaji Grand Bazaar
Honey Nut
Minto Mart

So, which is your favorite online grocery store? Do you know any other such shop other than this list? Share your experience about buying your household goods online, by writing a simple comment below. Thanks for reading this article. 🙂

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  1. I have found one more site Foodzu has a very good and prompt service. It also has products that aren’t available on other e-commerce sites. For example, I was looking for Murginn’s Wheat Bran Flakes since quite some time now, as they weren’t available at any store in Delhi. But surprisingly, I found them on Foodzu. Hoping for a similar smooth shopping experience in the future.

  2. Nice post.Thanks for sharing.To get many more offers on online grocery check out localbanya offers at Grabon India.

    1. Hi Vinay,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In last 1 year many online grocery stores started operating in Hyderabad.
      My favorite online grocery store is Bigbasket, what about yours?

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