How To Open Safe Deposit Locker in HDFC Bank

Want to open a safe deposit locker in a bank? In this article I will share the process to open a safe deposit locker in HDFC bank and also various other important facts to know about HDFC bank safe deposit locker facility. Generally when you have some valuable items like ornaments or documents which you want to protect & secure, need a locker facility in bank. But to maintain a locker you have to follow certain terms & conditions and also pay some annual charges. If you have a HDFC savings account, then you can easily pay your safe deposit locker rent online itself.

One of the important point to know about any kind of locker is about the nomination facility and the surrender facility rules. Because in case of unfortunate death, your family may not be able to get those assets easily if you have not taken them seriously while opening a safe deposit locker in a bank.

Key Features of Safe Deposit Lockers in HDFC Bank

There are certain benefits which is common to almost every bank locker and the same applied to HDFC Bank as well.

  • Wide availability of lockers in various sizes and at various locations
  • Options to avail lockers at the branch of your choice
  • Nomination facility available. In case if any unpaid rent, then it will be recovered from the nominee only.
  • Lockers can be hired by individuals, limited companies, associations and trusts.
  • You can’t open a safe deposit locker online, you have to visit to your nearest HDFC bank branch to open a safe deposit locker.
  • One can link their savings or current account with the locker so that payment of rent can be smooth.
  • In case you want to surrender the locker, you have to write a hand written application for safe deposit locker closure with clear statements.

What is the procedure to add / cancel / modify a nominee in my locker?

Visit HDFC Bank Forms centre section and download the relevant forms to add or cancel or modify the nominee details of your HDFC bank safe deposit locker.

  • For addition of a nominee: Form SL1 (sole hirer) / SL1A (joint hirer)
  • For cancellation of nomination: Form SL2
  • For change of nomination: Form SL3 (sole hirer) / SL3A (joint hirer)

Procedure To Open Safe Deposit Locker in HDFC Bank

Actually one can’t open a safe deposit locker online. For that you have to visit to your nearest HDFC branch and ask them about your requirement. Mostly you may find that banks will try to open a locker linking to your FD account or some other kind of investment schemes. Remember that, if you genuinely need a locker to safe guard your valuables then only go for a locker, otherwise it’s just a waste of money. For more details, please visit HDFC bank safe deposit locker details page.

Have you ever opened a safe deposit locker in HDFC bank? Would you like to share your experience here and make this information more worthy for readers? Thanks for your valuable inputs.

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