How to do Passport Police Verification Online in India

Hope you were successful to apply online for passport in India. So after that you need to know how to check police verification status for passport online or the process of passport police verification in India.

Although Indian Passport Application process has come across a long way with the help of technology, but the major problem in this process is police verification system. This is one of the main reason to get a passport late.

In general the police verification process takes around 20 days time to complete. It is different for Delhi people, around 13-15 days max. But sometimes that also does not happen due to various types of issues.

As per latest news, police verification process while applying for fresh passport or renew Indian passport online, is going to become an online process very soon. With that one can complete the police verification process within a week time only.

How to do Passport Police Verification Online

So far the process is not all declared officially. But it is expected that Aadhar card will play a big role here also.

According to TOI sources, the linking of CCTNS with NPR, UID and EPIC will help SP (superintendent of police) to verify the photo and address provided at the time passport application with the applicant’s NPR, Aadhaar and EPIC records by online or visiting nearest PSK.

In case any criminal record verification is required, police can use CCTNS, which seeks to e-integrate police station records and systems across the country. This sounds really awesome, but it may not be that easy in ground level to implement.

This is will reduce the corruption, as many cases police is seeking for money to clear the verification file to speed up the process. This online police verification process may be useful in this context to reduce such practices.

This is one of Mr. Narendra Modi’s Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation (PRAGATI) plan, to make the passport application process smoother & quicker. Earlier with the implementation of online passport appointment booking system, things has become more arranged & easy now.

You can check passport status online or from your mobile anytime. Share your experience of the whole process of passport police verification online in India in the comments below.

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  1. My police verification is pending in the police station. Bt currently i am out of my place. In how many days the verification could be done? Or can i apply for verification process in some other time when i will be at my home.?.

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