How To Check & Pay Traffic Police E-Challan In Hyderabad/Cyberabad

Did you caught by Hyderabad or Cyberabad traffic police recently and paid fine for not wearing helmet or any other offence? Whom did you pay the money? Do you receive a valid traffic challan receipt for the fine you have paid? Do you know that Telangana Govt. has launched an online portal to pay traffic challan online in Hyderabad ?

Before proceeding further, you can check out the link here to find out the latest rules & charges / fees for various traffic rules & violations for both car & bikes.

The police have released a list of violations under the Motor Vehicles Act, and corresponding points for each violation – your license will be suspended if you record 12 points within 24 months.

Hyderabad Traffic Challan

Important traffic awareness to avoid penalty

Point #1 : Recently I was stuck in a traffic signal in Secunderabad area, when I heard an announcement about paying traffic fines online instead of cash payment. As per the announcement, one should ask for eChallan if caught for any traffic offence, without paying fine by cash.

Even if you want to pay by cash, make sure that you are paying under supervision of a senior traffic police inspector only. One can ask traffic police to generate a challan for you and later you can pay the same via online portal. But make sure you follow all rules to avoid paying traffic fines.

Point #2 : If you are using OOR or Outer Ring Road for daily commute or travelling to Airpot, remember that there is a speed limit of 120 km per hour. If you overspeed, you will be fined immediately by the already planted cameras (speed guns) in OOR.

Recently 2 of my friends shared the same experience with me where they have been fined with Rs 1400 (approx) for overspeeding in outer ring road while travelling from Appa junction to Gachibowli.

Remember, this speed guns are now almost everywhere in the city and any kind of overspeeding or breaking of signals will be immediately captured and assigned against your registration number.

How to pay traffic challan online in hyderabad 2018

Technology is really making our life easy day by day. Although you should not fall in such situation when you have to pay traffic fines, but it is better to know everything to save yourself getting trapped. Many traffic police may ask you to pay fine by cash and if don’t know how to pay traffic fine online, then your payment will not reach to traffic department.

You can easily pay traffic challan from your mobile phone itself. Just follow the step by step guide below.

Step #1: To pay your traffic challan online in Hyderabad you to visit

To check your challan status:

 Go to the official website. and provide the required details

To make payment for your challan

Go to the following site- and provide the required details

You can also visit your nearest RTO or traffic police office to pay the challan.

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Hyderabad

Step #2: Provide your vehicle registration number & captcha details there and click go button. You will find your challan details, what rules you have broken while driving and also how much amount you have to pay. Check out the traffic offence, Under which section the challan has been filed, what is the maximum penalty of that offence & how much you have to pay etc.

Step #3: You can pay the amount online via Net banking payment system directly from your savings account.

You can also visit e-seva online portal and pay your traffic challan. After paying your due traffic fine, don’t forget to take the print out of the same and carry with you if required.

How To Pay Traffic Challan Online Using PayTm

If you use PayTm frequently then you can explore another way of paying your traffic challan, in case you have violated any of traffic rules recently. In case you have linked your Aadhaar with vehicle registration number, you will immediately get SMS in your registered mobile number about the traffic rule violation details and also the challan amount.

You can simply click here to visit Paytm website and follow the steps below.

  • Choose the Traffic authority as Telangana eChallan. Then  the next option will open.
  • Provide your vehicle number details and the proceed further to pay the due challan.
  • If you have any pending challan, you will be immediately redirecting to the e-Challan payment page with details. Otherwise you will immediately get the message “No pending challan”.

You can easily pay the amount from your PayTm wallet money. Make sure you have checked for any PayTm coupon codes available to get some cashback.

Avoid paying traffic fines online, simply by following traffic rules

Follow traffic rules, don’t be in hurry. If you have not noticed, then let me tell you that, latest traffic rules has been tightened in Hyderabad / Cyberabad and the fine amount has been increased significantly.

If you are going via Hi-Tech city traffic anytime, simply find out how much one have to pay for each traffic rule break on a large screen. Try to avoid paying traffic challan online or offline simply by following traffic rules. 🙂

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  1. They take or rather confiscate a document, such as License or Vehicle RC Book.. Which needs to be obtain from the police station in question on which the rule is broken..

    Ok, lets say the money is paid online, but still the offender has to spend a day to get the confiscated document back..

    1. I don’t think they should take the documents. When an online challan has been issued to your name, then there is no option to avoid it. I think there is some system installed that, in case someone did not pay 3 challan continuously, his/her vehicle will be taken by police.

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