Top 10 Personal Finance Bloggers in India

Do you know about the best personal finance bloggers in India? Who are contributing their knwoledge in personal finance niche, even they don’t have a finance background.

I have already shared a huge list of personal finance blogs in India. But not stressed much about personal finance bloggers behind those awesome blogs.

One can follow those blogs to know more about personal finance news, tutorial, stock market knowledge, mutual fund and investment knowledge and many more money related stuffs.

In this article, I will share top 10 personal finance blogger in India. They are expert in Personal finance niche and run their own website to share their knowledge. There are many popular websites where one can read useful news related to personal finance but in this article we will pick those individual personal finance bloggers who really change the relation between money and people. Let’s talk about their blog or website.

Best personal finance bloggers in India

I know this could be a debatable topic who should be into this list of personal finance bloggers or who should not. What are the criteria to choose this list?

Frankly I have not followed any criteria or ranked them in this article. They are very well known and popular personal finance bloggers from long time.

There might be more than 10, but I would love to share my favorite 10 personal finance bloggers whom I follow regularly.

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Blogger Name Web Address Tag Line Back Ground
Manish Chauhan Changing your relationship with money MCA – Pune University
Karan Batra 2nd Opinion CA for free Chartered Accountant
Hemant Beniwal The Financial Literates MBA, Certified Financial Planner
Manshu Verma Helps you make better financial decisions MBA in Finance
P. V. Subramanyam We make smart people richer CA, Financial Trainer
Basavaraj Tonagatti Personal Finance Blog Certified Financial Planner
Pattabiraman Murari Personal Finance Calculators Associate Professor IIT Madras
Amit Kumar Apna Personal Finance Guide MBA from NITIE, Mumbai
Kirti S Desai Awareness Empowers Software Engineer
Vishal Khandelwal Value Investing Made Simple MBA in Finance

Are these personal finance bloggers provide any service

Are you looking for a financial planner who can work for you and do all necessary financial planning? In that case you can check out these blogger’s website for services they provide. Or else you can easily find out certified financial planners by visiting this website.

But before choosing any one I would recommend you to post your query to these personal finance bloggers and try to get clarified about your financial query.

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Who is your favorite among these personal finance bloggers? If you don’t find him/her here, can you please share about that blogger by a simple comment below? These people are doing a fabulous job by sharing their knowledge in simple language and spreading awareness about personal finance management in our society.

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