Ping Pay Axis Bank App – Simply PingPayKaro!

India’s 3rd largest bank, Axis bank recently launched an wonder app – Ping Pay Axis bank app. This is a multi-social payment app from Axis Bank with which you can send or ask for money and mobile recharge through SMS or e-mail & across the social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, .

You can ping videos, voice notes, images, customized messages etc. everytime you send or ask for money or recharge. So every time you need to send or ask for money, simply #PingPayKaro!

Axis Bank Ping Pay App

Who can use Axis bank Ping Pay app?

The best thing about this app is, Ping Pay is for everyone!

Ping Pay Axis bank app can can be downloaded and used by both Axis Bank and non-Axis Bank customers. The receiver bank account needs to be IMPS enabled to receive money/recharge.

1. Axis Bank customers

  • You can send money & recharge
  • You can receive money & recharge
  • You can request money & recharge

2. Non Axis-Bank customers

  • You can receive money & recharge
  • You can request money & recharge

Key Features of Ping Pay Axis Bank App

1. Ping Pay app by Axis Bank is a multi-social payment app that lets you send or ask for mobile recharge or money across Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, SMS or e-mail.

2. You can share whatever you want to, through images, customized messages, voice notes, videos, every time you send or ask for money to your friends!

3. Without knowing the bank account details, the Axis Bank customers can send money/recharge, receive money/recharge and ask for money/recharge from anyone in their friend list using Ping Pay app.

4. With Ping Pay app, non-Axis Bank customers can receive money/recharge and ask for money/recharge from anyone in their friend list, without knowing their bank account details.

5. Register your bank account details only once and the same can be set as default for all subsequent transactions. For sending or receiving money, you can link your account in a few simple steps on Ping Pay. You can also add multiple accounts to your ping pay app and choose the account from which you want to send/receive money.

6. The minimum & maximum transaction limit for fund transfers is from Rs. 1/- to Rs. 50,000/- per day.

How to use Axis bank Ping Pay App?

1. First of all, you need to download and install the Ping Pay App in your Smart phone.

2. You need to enter your account number after the App is installed in your phone. The account no. needs to be put only once & after that you need not to enter it during every transaction. While you log-in into the Ping Pay app, every time you will need to put a unique MPIN.

3. After that, you need to add your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp with Ping Pay.

4. Now you need to select the person from your social friend list to send or receive money or Mobile recharge. You can now enter the amount which you want to send or receive.

5. Once the person and amount is entered,  you can add images, customised messages, videos, voice notes etc.

6. After that, you can proceed for payment. Ping Pay app will transfer the desired amount or recharge to the selected person.

7. While sending money, you will receive an auto-generated sender code. You need to share this with the receiver. For receiving the money, he/she will need to enter that code.

Ping pay App is totally free of cost. So there will be no charge to the sender or receiver whenever you send/receive money or recharge by using this app. Ping Pay Axis Bank app competes strongly with other banks’ digital products like ICICI Pockets app and HDFC Bank PayZapp.

Share your experience in the comments below if you have installed & used the Ping Pay Axis bank app.

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