7 Best Plasma Donation Centers Near Me in 2020 (Earn $300/Mo Donating Plasma)

Do you know that you can earn up to $50 every time you donate plasma to a plasma donation centers near you? Well, Plasma donation is great to work as you are giving life to someone who needs that badly and at the same time you are actually making a good amount of money as well.

There are many diseases like Leukemia or blood cancer, any life-threatening burning patient, people undergoing bone marrow transplant or liver transplant, etc. To treat such diseases they need good plasma donors from time to time. As these diseases are life-threatening and treatment is also not that cheap, the demand for plasma donors in America is very high. You can donate plasma & get paid by those donation centers as compensation for giving your time, traveling & effort.

7 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers Near You

There are multiple things you must know before donating plasma for making money. If you are not aware of how many times you should donate plasma, then better you first know that. But if you think you are ready to donate plasma to earn some money then here is the list of 7 best plasma donation centers in America you must visit.

1. CSL Plasma Inc.

They are one of the largest Plasma donation centers in America. They have a huge network of hospitals and medical centers where they supply plasma on demand. Not only that they do supply in different countries as well.

You can become a regular plasma donor of CSL Plasma INC and earn up to $400/ month. They also offer some reward points which you can encash as extra cash. For more details, you must visit their website and find out the nearest Plasma donation center as per the pin code.

2. B positive Plasma

If you want to earn even more money by donating plasma, then you can visit the B Positive Plasma donation center. They do offer up to $500/ per month, but that has some additional clauses. E.g. you have to refer to your relatives or friends and then you can earn extra bucks as well.

For more details, it is better to refer to their website and explore details to become a plasma donor. They have their offices & centers in Maryland and New Jersey states. As soon as you become a plasma donor you will get a rechargeable debit card which will be loaded with the money as soon as you donate plasma.

3. BioLife Plasma Services

Takeda is a global biotechnology organization and they are specialized in the treatment of rare and life-threatening diseases. BioLife Plasma Services is a part of this prestigious organization. You can visit their health care center and become a plasma donor after going through all necessary checklist.

You can easily donate plasma 2 times a week and earn up to $20-$50 per visit. They will deposit the compensation of your time & effort to a debit card which you can encash later on. For more details make sure to visit their website.

4. Biotest Plasma Center

If you want to make more money by donating plasma, then you must visit this plasma donation center. They offer up to $400 per month for plasma donation and in addition, you can refer your friends & relatives to get more money. Yes, they do have a referral program where you will get some additional money for every successful plasma donor you bring to their center.

They operate from many centers of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas. They also run many promotional offers and feedback programs through which also you can earn money besides donating plasma. Visit their official website to know more about these schemes.

5. GCAM Plasma

So far you have seen plasma donation centers near me where you get paid for donating plasma up to $20-$50 as per various factors. But in this center, you will earn more money if you donate plasma regularly. Yes become their returning plasma donor and make money by donating plasma.

GCAM Plasma donation centers are available in different states like Texas, California, Idaho, Arizona, and Indianapolis. If you are a resident of Canada and Mexico then you can donate to your respective centers and easily earn money. For more details about their plasma donation promos visit their official website.

6. Octaplasma

Plasma donation has converted into a big business. This can be understood by seeing the kind of promotion all these plasma donation centers are running to attract donors. Octaplasma dedicatedly runs some OPI rewards & Loyalty programs so that donors can earn a little extra compared to other plasma donation centers.

They do provide a fix %50 compensation to a 1st-time donor up to the first 5 visits. Now you can find out your frequency of donation and accordingly earn as much as you want. They have multiple donation centers in Idaho, Texas, Indianapolis, Washington, and California. Just find out your nearest Plasma donation center by visiting their website and earn money.

7. BPL Plasma

If you become an active plasma donor then you can earn up to $300 per month by becoming a donor with BPL Plasma donation center. You will find their donation centers across the USA. They do have a referral program as well so that you can earn extra cash by bringing your friends & relatives. It’s called the Buddy Raffle program.

The reward amount is quite good ranging from $100-$200 on every successful donor joined through you. They also organize a lucky draw to attract more donors where the prize money is like this: The first prize is $200, second $150 and third, $100. For more details about their plasma donation service please visit their official website.


So, it may look very lucrative and easy to make money by donating plasma in a nearby center. But remember one thing before donating plasma you will be checked thoroughly for various tests to find out your fitness level. And accordingly, they will find out how much plasma they can take from you and accordingly they will compensate you.

Always contact a medical advisor before donating plasma as you may risk your health unknowlingly. Besides that, if you don’t like to get paid for donating plasma, then you can donate plasma for free also. The American Red Cross collects plasma too and will let you donate every 28 days. Just call 1-800-RED-CROSS to schedule an appointment.