How To Change Your Name Legally in India

Want to change your name? Although it sounds strange, but changing someone’s name is a very common practice. There are certain procedure and steps by which you can change your name and get your desired name. Actually there are many reasons for which people are forced to change their name. It has both good and bad side effects as well.

Generally mostly women change name in India after marriage or doesn’t find the name trendy or old fashioned etc. In case of marriage mostly wife change their surname and go with their husband’s surname. This is a very common practice. Besides this many people change their names to get success in business or profession as well.

How can i change my surname legally in India

You might have seen Sharukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om movie, where his friend suggested him to change his name from Om Prakash Makhija to Raj or Rahul (famous actors names) so that he can get some attention. Similarly there might be many other reasons for which people changes their names.

But changing your name is not an easy task. May be the official procedure is very simple and you can get your new name within few days. But the impact will be huge. Like after changing your name the very first thing you have to do is to correct all the legal documents with your new name. E.g. passport, PAN card, Voter ID, school pass certificates; admit cards, college mark sheets and many other important documents. This list can be more or less as per your career achievements. And this will be a very tedious job to correct them one by one. This will take time as well as money.

Procedure to change name in India

If you have enough time and you have decided to change your current name, then let’s see what you can do to change your name in India.

Step 1 – Affidavit: First of all you have to visit your local notary office and file an Affidavit for your name change. With this form you can apply for you name change or surname change or complete name change. You have to mention the proper reason of changing the name as well. It’s always advisable to fill the form with the help of an advocate, as the procedure or rules might change time to time and time and this is a very crucial work for your personal life. So you can take help of a qualified advocate even it costs.

Step 2 – Newspaper Publication: Next step is to publish about your name change in 2 local newspapers at least. You can publish in more also to have more proofs. In every newspaper you might have noticed public declaration classified section where people usually display their name change declaration. Keep couple of copies of that newspaper with you as this is one of the proof of your name change for future.

Step 3 – Gazette Notification:  Next you have to submit your name change application to the Official Gazette of your state. If there is no Gazette available for your state, and then file your application to the Gazette of India. You have to visit the local Gazette office and submit the required form with a prescribed fee. After proper verification finally your name change will be published in the Official Gazette’s record. They will also send you a copy of this name change document to your address mentioned.

Keep these documents and newspapers safely as these will be the only proof of your name change. Have you ever changed you name in India, if so would you like to share your experience here by writing a simple comment below? Thanks for reading & finding this article useful. Do share this content in your social media profiles as well.

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