Refrigerator Buying Guide (Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Refrigerator)

A few years back refrigerator was only for rich people now it has become a necessity for everybody. Refrigerator helps in keeping the level of nutrient intact and maintains the freshness of food. 

The refrigerator provides space for delicious desserts, ice creams, fruits, and vegetables. Day by day as we are becoming busier, it is difficult to go out shopping regularly. Here comes the reason why everyone is preferring a refrigerator to save time and stop wasting food.

Don’t neglect to refer refrigerator buying guide even if you are buying a refrigerator from online or offline. 

When it comes to the energy efficiency of the refrigerator, it’s everyone’s sole responsibility to regularly check the performance of the refrigerator. In this article, I will be sharing complete value on buying guide to help you understand and implement things to get results.

Refrigerator Buying Guide [Things You Must Know]

1. Capacity

Just count the number of people in your family and decide what capacity should you go for. Also see how frequently guests are visiting, in case if you are arranging a party then go for a little big one.

Bachelor50 – 200 liter
2-4 members family200 – 350 liter
4-5 members family300 – 450 liter
More than 6 members familyAbove 450 liter

2. Placement

It is one of the most important points to be considered before buying a refrigerator for your home. Measure the width and height of space you have planned to keep the refrigerator. You should also see the door opening space and leave some extra space at sides for easy usage. 

Refrigerators should pass through passage, elevator, or doorway for easy transporting. Some refrigerator requires their door to be pulled fully to pull the vegetable tray outside. It’s also important to place your fridge away from sunlight because it can heat up during the summer season. It’s should also be kept away from the microwave oven as it produces more heat.

Different Refrigerator Styles.


Most budget-friendly refrigerator is popular among a huge number of people. As the name tells, it has a freezer at the top and fridge section below it. 

The top freezer provides more selection choices based on price, color, and size. It consumes less space inside the kitchen and provides a bit less space compared to other refrigerators. The top freezer lacks water and ice dispenser features, but it’s not a big loss as it has many other important features.


High-end refrigerator models are placing freezer at the bottom to provide convenience for people in using the fridge section. They have pulled out drawers for the freezer the same as the French door refrigerator. It’s usually 30-35 inches wide and can fit for a family of 4-5 members.


They are usually wider than normal fridge with different sides. One side being the fridge side and the other being the freezer section. If you consume and store more frozen food then this fridge is for you. They come with frost-free technology and have ample space for vegetables.


Single door refrigerators are the most efficient refrigerator in the Indian market. They consume less power compared to the double door refrigerator. They are suitable for small families of 2-3 members and come with a capacity of 150 – 300 liters.

These refrigerators work on the direct cool technology and require manual defrosting which is the major drawback. They occupy very less space and volume. A mini-fridge is mostly used for storing smaller foods and beverages. When you go out on your work, you can keep mini-fridges for storing food.

A lot of attention has been gained by mini-fridges, particularly among the bachelors. They are widely used in compact offices, hotels, by college students.

Advanced Technology And Features.


Direct cool technology works based on natural convection method where one part gets cooler than the other. Frost-free refrigerators have electric fans to circulate cool air inside the fridge section. They prevent the formation of ice layer around the freezer wall.

Power ConsumptionLessMore
FreshnessStays LongLonger Than Direct Cool
Defrosting MethodManualAutomatic
Available In Single DoorDouble, Triple, Side Door
Cost Less More


Solar smart technology refrigerators have a special compressor that runs on solar panels when there is no power. Smart connect technology enables the refrigerator to connect to the home inverters as soon as the power goes off immediately. This process takes place automatically and does not require any manual settings.


The compressor compresses the gas and converts into liquid. This liquid is made to pass through a cooling condenser where the refrigerant is cooled and allowed to circulate inside the refrigerator.

Compressors in the regular fridge either switch “on” or “off” based on the temperature inside the refrigerator. But inverter compressors are more like a car accelerator. To elaborate this, during summer months more cooling is required, so compressor works at peak capacity.

In winter seasons as more cooling is not required compressor works at lesser speed by consuming less energy. Therefore, inverter compressors are much more energy-efficient than the regular compressor. The noise made by the inverter compressor is much less. If you want all these features then you have to pay more for it.


Every country has a separate department for assigning an energy rating label for all the home appliances. As newer technology arrives the rating keeps on changing every two years. Intense research is going on in labs to work on how to reduce power consumption by refrigerators.

Energy label present on the fridge you can see how many units a refrigerator consumes in a year. It indicates the cost of using the fridge for the long term. Multiply the number of units with the cost per unit in your area to know how much your refrigerator is contributing to the monthly electric bill.

Buy a refrigerator with more energy ratings to save money on your electric bill. It does not indicate the quality of your refrigerator, so it should not be your only reason to buy a fridge.


If you buy the convertible refrigerator then you can convert the fridge and freezer compartment based on the usage pattern. There are different modes in convertible refrigerators like home alone mode, vacation mode, extra fridge mode, seasonal mode.

Extra fridge mode is used when less frozen food is consumed giving more space for fresh food by converting freezer into the fridge. When you keep less food, then to avoid wastage of energy you can switch off the freezer section (seasonal mode).

Toughened glass shelves are found in almost all types of refrigerators. They can hold weight up to 150 – 170 kg without causing any damage.

Frequently Asked questions.

Is going for 5- star refrigerator beneficial in the long term.

Buying a 5-star refrigerator may seem expensive but you can save a lot of money on energy consumption. Overall it’s a good buy in the long term.

Do we need an external stabilizer?

It depends on the voltage fluctuation range in a particular area. If there is a huge voltage fluctuation, then installing an external stabilizer is good on a safer side.

How can I prevent over-energy consumption by the fridge?

Buying an energy-efficient is not the solution to all your problems. Follow the user’s guidelines, be aware of your usage style, properly organize food in the fridge, and frequently clean the refrigerator.

Can we buy a refrigerator from online?

Yes, only when you are buying from a well known trusted e-commerce store like amazon, Flipkart, etc. They provide incredible customer experience, price comparisons, and discounts.


If you are a vegetarian, then prefer to buy 80:20 fridge and freezer model to store more vegetables. If you store more non-veg items then side by side refrigerator with more freezer space is good to buy. Our eating style plays an important role in choosing the right fridge for our home.

Understand the steps properly, implement it to find results, and save valuable money. Check the detailed refrigerator buying guide before buying the best refrigerator in India. If you have any doubts to be clarified, please feel free to comment below so that I can help you.