Reliance Life eTerm Plan Review – A pure online term insurance plan

Reliance Life eTerm Plan reviewReliance online term plan or Reliance Life eTerm plan is nothing but a typical term insurance plan like many other popular term insurance plans in India. E.g. ICICI Prudential I-Care, HDFC Click 2 protect etc. In this plan insurer will get the death benefit covered during the policy term without expecting any maturity benefit. Insurer can opt for an additional accidental rider. In case death during the policy tenure due to accident he/she may get some additional benefit as agreed upon during the policy subscription. And you can buy this policy online only, which means premium will be very less like other online term insurance plans.

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Top 5 key features of Reliance Life eTerm Plan

If you visit the Reliance online term plan website you can find the 5 reasons they are highlighting for which this plan is the best. Let’s check out how this plan is different than other online term plans.

  • Get comprehensive life protection at an affordable cost, Every online term plan has the same agenda.
  • Get get adequate cover based on your life-stage & liabilities. Almost pure term plans offer the adequate life cover.
  • Protect your family against unforeseen circumstances. This is the main feature of any term plan.
  • Experience a simple online application process. As this is a online term plan, this user experience is a compulsorily expecting.
  • Get medical tests done at your doorstep. Now this is something different I heard. With the term door-step are they going to send the medical team at that person’s home? In that case only blood test is possible. As per website information it is mentioned that company will organize everything regarding medical test.
  • There is no surrender benefits and no loan facility under this plan
  • For female subscribers there is a special discount

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There is nothing much to talk about Reliance Life eTerm Plan. As almost all online term plan has the similar features and online purchase procedures. Let’s check out the premium details of this plan.

Should I buy Reliance Life eTerm Plan

If someone(non-smoker) want to buy this plan for 30 years with a life cover of 1 crore, then he/she has to pay approx premium amount of Rs 6,514. I took that data from their website just put an idea about the premium amount. You can check out the latest claim settlement ratio to get a idea about how Reliance performed last year. You can definitely buy this plan if you have no other choice or any bias towards any company as almost every term plan will cost you similar premium yearly. Online LIC term plan will cost you more.

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In your personal finance planning term plan and wealth creation are two important milestone. Don’t consider any insurance plan for an income tax saving instrument. To buy a term plan one can buy from any reliable company. Reliance Life eTerm Plan is also a good plan but the fact is that they are new player in this insurance segment. While buying any term plan, provide 100% accurate information so that your family don’t face any problem in future when they need to claim this insurance.

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  1. There are so many companies who are selling Reliance life eterm insurance plan online. E.g., one can easily compare premium rates, get free quotes for different plans with Reliance term plan.

    1. You are right Saanvi. As we have websites like, where we can compare all term insurance plans premium online it is always better to compare first and then decide which one to buy based other factors.

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