How to send speed post via ATMs in 2018

Want to send speed post without visiting post office? Do you think this is possible to send speed post online?

Although it is not possible online, but one can now send speed post via ATM machines. No need to visit any post office and stand in queue. Simply user you nearest SBI ATM machine and send your parcel by own.

As per news in TOI, Andhra Pradesh postal department is going to launch such facilities with State Bank of India. One can use a selective SBI ATM and send any letter or parcel using speed post process. This will reduce the dependency of post offices and make people more self independent. Also with more ATMs with this facility, people will find it easy to send a letter without travelling much.

Steps to send speed post via ATM

Recently Govt. of India declared about a scheme related to get PAN card in 48 hours. And now AP govt. is also declaring similar improvement in a age old process. This is simply telling how our existing system is getting upgrade by technology day by day.

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To send a speed post via ATM machine, one have to follow the below steps carefully. Otherwise it may end up with failure of such a good initiative.

  • First of all the ATM machine will have a weighing machine attached to it. So, new ATM machines has be made or existing ATM machines has to be upgrade. Look for such facility in the ATM you are going to access today.
  • From the options, choose “Speed Post” option. Check carefully, as one more similar option will be added besides balance check and money withdrawal.
  • As soon as you choose that option, it will ask you to put the parcel into the weighing machine.
  • As per the weight, it will display a cost for the speed post.
  • Pay the amount via your debit card or credit card instantly. Hopefully if you card is linked with the same SBI account then you will be benefited.
  • As soon as you pay the balance, you will get 2 bar-code sticker from the ATM. Now you have to paste one in the parcel and keep the other one with you.
  • Put the parcel after attaching the bar-code sticker in the drop box. You are done.

The biggest advantage of this initiative would be, one can send speed post on Sunday also. But I am not sure whether one can send to USA or other foreign countries via ATM

Be careful while sending speed post via ATM

Now, the biggest worry would be collecting the bar-code and attaching it to the parcel. People have to understand that process first or I am hoping that Govt. will attach necessary instruction guide with every ATM.

There could be other issues also, like in case bar code doesn’t come out? In case the bar-code is not clear enough?  In both the cases I believe money will deduct first. So how to get the money back if speed post via ATM fail? So there could be many such query, but let it get implemented first and we will follow up with further updates.

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