My Mutual Fund Portfolio Review – 1 Year Return 19.55%

Today I am going to share my mutual fund portfolio snapshot to showcase how was the performance after 1 year of investment. Recently the mutual fund investment in India has seen a huge growth as many people started understanding the importance of investing in stock market via Mutual fund way.

Personally I prefer to invest in share market via Systematic Investment plan (SIP) in Mutual funds to cover volatility and stay away from regular tracking. I believe in long term wealth creation and have realized that investing in mutual funds in SIP way is the best way to accumulate money for future expenses like retirement, kids education or marriage or travel etc. Here I am sharing my journey of mutual fund investment so far.

How to start investing in Mutual Fund with SIP way

After reading many years about the benefits of mutual fund & stock market, finally last year I have decided to start investing in mutual funds. But I am not that much comfortable or manageable by opening a demat account and managing everything own. So, I have discovered the beauty of Robo advisers in India. I found them one of the best way to invest in mutual fund in India.

Next, I have approached to If you ask me why I have opted for FundsIndia, I don’t have proper answer. May be I just liked the way they approached me and how they handle your investment query. For myself, I wanted to invest small amount through SIP and want someone to monitor my mutual fund portfolio and also guide me whenever required. After using for 1 year, I can say now that FundsIndia has a very good team of advisers, a good online platform to monitor all your investments properly.

How to open an account with FundsIndia?

It’s very simple. Just visit their website and contact their customer support team and then let them know that you are interested to open an account with them. Rest they will take care.

In my case, they send an agent who came to my home address and and help me to fill up the application form, KYC documents, ECS mandate form with necessary documents like PAN card copy, Photo ID proof, Address proof, passport size photographs etc.

After proper verification of my details, my fundsIndia account has been started. After that they have assigned a Fund Adviser who called me and understood my investment goals and how much I am interested to invest. That’s it, after that they have helped me to choose the best mutual funds and then started the SIP accounts with them. Every month  on a fixed date, my account is debited to all those SIP accounts.

How Much return I got after 1 year of investment?

I know this is not a criteria to judge a mutual fund return and specially 1-2 years are not at all. But to share my experience, I thought it is good share what I have realized in last 1 year after starting a SIP. In first 9 month, I found my portfolio in negative return only, but in last few months things has been changed and I can see a 19.55% return as on date.

Note: Investing in Mutual Funds via SIP is indirectly investing in stock market only. So, it is not guaranteed that you will get always positive and guaranteed return. In short term, you may find sometimes gain or loss, but one have to stay invested for long term to get good returns.

Top 6 Mutual Funds I have invested

Scheme Details Investment Cost Latest value Annual Return
Axis LT Equity Fund(G) 57,500.00 62,410.78 36.26%
Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund-Ret(G) 11,000.00 11,454.93 9.51%
BNP Paribas LT Equity Fund(G) 7,500.00 7,630.84 17.34%
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund(G) 22,000.00 23,457.81 15.40%
ICICI Pru Focused BlueChip Eq Fund(G) 34,000.00 36,238.94 14.78%
UTI Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(G) 11,000.00 11,347.38 7.23%

Disclaimer: I have taken the data of 22.06.2016 and on that date the return is showing as 19.55%. I will update this article time to time to make it useful in future.

Please make one thing clear that, the funds I have selected is based on my understanding and whatever the loss or gain in future, it is completely my responsibility. Here is few take away of my mutual fund investment journey so far. Hope it will be useful for you as a beginner to start a SIP.

  • Never depend 100% on your investment on Stock market or Mutual Fund. Try to keep your debt investment in plan first. E.g. PPF account, Fixed deposits and other post office schemes. Then start with small amount to invest in stock market for experimental purpose.
  • If you have enough time and knowledge about stock market, then only buy direct company shares. Otherwise best way to enter in Stock market is by Mutual Fund way. Like Recurring deposit, simply invest small amount in SIP way.
  • Never opt stock option for short term purpose or short term goal. I have seen many people get amazed with the 1 year return or 3 year return of any mutual fund or stocks and think that this is the way to get maximum return. But let me tell you one thing that, these are all historical data and not at all guaranteed returned. In you want to save money for your retirement or future expenses, then only Stock market.
  • I am not a good stock market trader. Yes, I have tried trading as well and in 2 months I have realized how much addictive it is. If you want to do daily stock trading then its up to you only.
  • How to choose a mutual fund? I will say you have to do this by your own only. Try to read as much as possible and understand how a mutual fund is reviewed. There are many top personal finance blogs in India where you will find useful reviews. Otherwise you can rely on finance experts or certified personal finance advisers who are doing this sometimes for free or with a minimal cost.

So, the final word is here I am trying to share my experience in mutual fund investment. Now it is your turn to decide what is your investment goal and what are the funds according to you will suite your investment need? Do write a comment below and let me know.

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  1. Hi, very informative article.
    I am a prospective investor and was looking for profitable options to invest. I wanted your views about Peer to peer lending and is it a viable option to invest?

    1. I heard about this but not yet tried. What I feel is that you can try this in case you have done your personal finance planning & investments properly. And then start with P2P investment with a smaller amount to test & experience.

      1. Thanks Santanu for the suggestion. I will try to invest a small amount initially. Peer to peer lending is something that Indian investors will be talking in some months. It is quoting very promising interest rates. People need to get aware about it. I recently read this blog which has an independent section just dedicated to peer to peer lending. Please check it at

  2. Hi, very informative article.
    I am 28 years old and I am searching for good investment options. Although mutual funds are a great option for investment, but just came to know about peer to peer lending as an emerging platform in India and wanted your views on that. I am thinking of investing a small amount.

    1. Although I have not much experience and P2P lending, but I think trying with little amount is always a good one if you have some bandwidth.

  3. Nice article Shanthanu. You are young 🙂 and should avoid debt funds unless you are looking for liquidity in short term. Otherwise this has large cap, mid-cap and debt funds and good for all investors

    1. Thanks Suresh, This is really a helpful tip. Actually FundsIndia people guided me to choose the funds. Although I have started exploring more about this mutual fund industry and hope to get most out of this.

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