Who doesn’t like to hangout on social media? No doubt, everyone does! There are several reasons behind this – connecting new people, finding useful videos, promoting business, etc. The reason may be anything, but having a social media presence is highly important for all today.

Just answer a simple question: do you think your business would become popular using traditional methods such as word-of-mouth today? No, right? This is because people have become more used to internet connect with your target audience and engage them with a lot of stuff. You can post images, banners, videos, product ads, etc. on your business’s social media pages to get traffic on your website. Remember the more views, likes, and shares you get on social media, the more popular becomes your business.

Being a business owner, you have to manage several things and maybe won’t get time to handle all these social media pages. But don’t worry there are several digital marketing services in India that do this work for you. One such popular digital marketing agency is Rankraft.

Let’s take a look at how Rankraft helps to manage social media marketing for your business.

Rankraft Preface

Rankraft is a digital marketing agency based in India and offers several online marketing services to businesses. They take complete responsibility for handling your social media accounts and work on several strategies that help to build your brand. They work in groups and build a stepwise strategy to make your business stand unique among its competitors.


They help to manage the top-performing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using appropriate social media optimizing strategies.

If you have your own content and manage your own audience base, but want to boost your followers, Rankraft is surely for you.

They also prepare the content for you and manage your marketing via social media optimization.

Let’s dive deep into their social media marketing services.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization involves creating engaging posts, banners, messages that support your products for you. Since the posts are created by their excellent designers, you don’t need to worry about them. They commit to give unique ideas and images for every new post. The content that will be required for the blogs, articles, posts, etc. will be handled by their team.

Social Media Promotion

Want to design your own posts and have your own description for it, you can so that by selecting the social media promotion service. They publish your posts to your target audience and help generate sales for your business. When you talk about brand promotion, social media promotion plays a key role. The aim behind social media optimization and social media promotion is to drive traffic towards your business for increasing your profit and ROI. In order to generate leads and sales, it is important to improve your ad performance.

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Steps Performed by Rankraft’s Team

Discussion About Project: When you choose Rankraft for your business’s social media marketing, leave it to them. They start with discussion on the project so that they get a clear idea of what your business is about. The discussion will include the project, scope of improvement, and redesigning or the mechanism to build the complete project from start. They determine your idea of working and then decide their way to work. This way, both of you stay on the same page.

Research: To start with anything, you need to do a deep research. Similarly, Rankraft team does good research prior to starting with your social media campaign. Your niche will be studied by their team and then the raw materials required will be found. They concentrate on searching the relevant and latest updates about your niche. This helps to keep the project updated while its launch. Next, they check the company’s goal, mission, and vision, for finding out the internal and external content.

Content Creation: After collecting good amount of material from the research, they start creating content. After the plan gets ready, the team starts working as per the plan. This step includes writing phrases, creating descriptions and posts, and creating infographics if required.

Approval: All the rough work of content and posts will be shared with you to give an idea about how it is going to look on the digital platform. Once you give us approval, we will proceed with our further work.

Content Sharing: The content will then be shared by their team on various social media platforms among the relevant and interested audience.

Analyze the Result: After launching the campaign or posting your content live, their team will examine its working after some days. It includes finding interested people, impression, the click-through rate. The next post will be made to engage more people.


Lastly, just give away your social media marketing responsibility to Rankraft and run your business with peace of mind.