9 Startup Problems & How To Overcome Them (Tips & Tricks)

When you establish a new business, in the commercial language it is called a startup. Usually, a startup business will have less capital, fewer assets and hopefully nil or fewer debts.  To earn more profits, you need to establish yourself in the market.

It may take months, or years to establish depending on the nature of the business you have started.  If the concept of the business is new than the startup business may be a great success, and since it is new, you can enjoy the status of monopoly in the market.

Suppose the concept of the business is old and routine, then a startup business requires 4 to 5 years to establish itself in the market as there are already many players trying their luck. Whatever the situation may be, one should not expect huge profits from a startup company.

Let us now discuss the problems faced by a startup company:

Age factor:

Normally, there is no age limit to startup a business.  But a Middle aged man or old man starting a new business and a young man starting a new business, there is a lot of difference in both the situations.  If the person if middle-aged or old, then their way of thinking will be different.

They do not land in everything that they see.  Only after proper analysis, they take any sort of decision.  This we may call it as experience.  Their experience in studying and analyzing the situation is much better than the young man’s analysis.  Maybe theoretically, the young man may use modern techniques for analysis.  But an old man or middle-aged man is always a better analyzer.

I have no intention to discourage a young man’s ability to analyze the market.  We have to encourage the younger generation to develop, only then they will try to prove themselves.  The only problem with the younger generation is that their decision making is so fast that even before proper analysis; they start working on a thing. For the time is money.

This may be good in some instances, but when you are investing a considerable amount in business, you need to be very careful while taking decisions.

Secondly, in case of any crisis either financial or legal, the younger generation businessman gets tensed very soon and takes wrong or improper steps.  You need to maintain calm in case of stress. A fresh mind can work better than a stressed mind.

Thirdly, the younger generation today wants to earn instant profits.  In other words, as soon as they start up a business, they want huge profits instantly.  But experts in the field say that a startup business requires 4-5 years to establish itself in the market.

So until 5 years your earn profit, that’s good, else don’t panic and keeping working sincerely.  Patience is the main ingredient required here.  Never choose a short-cut method to earn huge profits.  Maybe initially you may succeed, but this won’t stay long.

Debt consolidation loan:

The problem of debts is quite common in any type of business, but in a startup company, its occurrence is quite apparent. Since the company is new, it may have less investor or creditors may fear to give loans.

Even profits in the early stage are also not proper, and without profits, it is challenging to manage the operating expenses since the capital invested is also less in startup companies.  In such a case, debt consolidation loans prove to be very helpful.

All debts which are to be cleared have been enlisted, and from the debt consolidation loan amount these have to be cleared on priority.  So, you will be left out only with debt consolidation loans.  Proper planning can help you out in clearing this loan amount also without delay.

Focus on your goal:

Normally, due to various circumstances, the primary purpose of starting a business will be forgotten. This is a big problem and has to be taken care of.

You should always focus on your goal and encourage your team members to work efficiently.  The journey to success is not so easy.  But your patience and determination will always support you in focusing on your goal.

Organizational structure:

Experts say that business will run smoothly if the organizational structure is functioning correctly.  If the company is well established, one can find a well-defined organizational structure. But in the case of a Startup Company, you won’t find a hardcore structure.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t earn profits.  No, I mean to say that a structure will help you to function in a specified and disciplinary manner.  But an efficient and experienced leadership can run the startup business also successfully.


Don’t panic in case of failure. Someone has rightly said that failures are stepping stones for success.  Before starting a business, you should make yourself strong enough to face the competition.  Just because someone is using wrong practices, you should not try doing that.  Always focus on your aim.


Normally, whenever you check the workforce of an established company you find that the company has sufficient manpower.  But in startup companies, you should take care of expenses.  Recruit necessary workforce only.  Additional and unnecessary recruitment of workforce may again pile up your expenses.


A startup company will require more goodwill or reputation to sustain in the market. For this, the startup company may have to spend some amount towards publicity of the company or purchase of furniture for the company premises to attract the customers.  Even though it is unnecessary in some cases, people nowadays are more attracted towards the presentation of the company office.


A startup business has to concentrate more on the publicity of their company. This is very important because only when you promote your business, people will come to know of it.

Legal issues:

Any business whether it is old or new, it faces legal issues at some time or the other.  But in the case of a startup business, the legal restrictions are more.  Every now and then, you may have to face the inspections done by legal authorities.  This is not to disturb you but to ensure that your process of doing things is according to the legal regulations and within limits.

Hopefully, the tips I have shared above will help you to overcome the problems you might face with your startup. You can use the strategies given above to strike off the problems without any professional assistance. For further knowledge on these kinds of startup issues, you can follow my blog.

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