State Bank Rewardz – State Bank Group’s Loyalty Program Mobile App

Are you a State Bank Group Customer? Did you hear about their latest launch State Bank Rewardz Programme? If not, then know more about India’s largest bank State Bank Group’s Loyalty Program Mobile App in this article.

Before proceeding further, let me clarify what is State Bank Group customer. If you are using any of the services or products of SBI, like SBI Debit card, Personal Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Green channels, Home loans, Small and Medium Enterprises etc, then you are eligible to earn & redeem sbi rewards points automatically under this State Bank Rewardz programme.

State Bank Rewardz Programme mobile app review

What are the benefits of State Bank Rewardz programme?

State Bank Rewardz programme is nothing but a similar programme launched already by PayZapp by HDFC bank, ICICI pockets, Axis Bank PingPay App etc. And now State Bank Rewardz from SBI, India’s largest bank as per number of subscribers.

With this programme, one will get SBI rewards points on every purchase and transaction they make for the services using SBI. E.g. if you shop something online with your SBI Credit card, you will get reward points under this State Bank Rewardz programme.

Once accumulated in a significant number, you can redeem them by purchasing gifts or other products. Not only that, in your daily life you will also get various discounts and offers as well.

You can buy or enjoy any of the services below to avail discounts while you redeem SBI rewards points.

  • Mobile/DTH Recharge
  • Airline tickets
  • Bus tickets
  • Movie tickets
  • Entertainment products, Electronic items
  • Family, Home, Fashion & Beauty products
  • Sports products
  • Gift Vouchers
  • State Bank Gift Card

How to apply for State Bank Rewardz programme?

The best part is, one do not have to follow any procedure to apply for State Bank Rewardz programme. Like we have seen in various services for SBI. One can use any of the 2 ways to activate State Bank Rewardz programme.

  • Download the State Bank Rewardz app
  • Visit and register for the programme.

By default if you are using any of the SBI services mentioned above, you will start earning reward points. Just you have to register and check your accumulated points. Once your account has more than 300 points, you can redeem them online. But remember, you have to spend the accumulated points before 36 months, otherwise they will expire.

You can download the State Bank Rewardz App for your android device. You need to download this free app from Google Store. After registering you can start redeeming your SBI reward points for different products and services.

You can perform multiple functions with your State Bank Rewardz app like:

  • Check your Reward Points
  • Redeem the Reward Points onec it is accumulated to 300
  • Locate a Max Get More partner outlet near to you
  • Get many offers, alerts, updates and notifications as per your location

You can also use your State Bank Debit Card to pay the remaining amount, if your SBI Reward Points are falling short.

How to check the State Bank Rewardz reward points?

You can call the Help Desk number 60008500/1-800-209-8500 or else login to your State Bank Rewardz programme account and check your reward balance online. Remember that, this is not a 24X7 help desk, you need to call on Mon-Sat from 9 AM to 9 PM and on Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM.

So, one more mobile app is going to add in your smartphone memory after reading this article. And I am sure that you are going to use State Bank Rewardz app more compared to others. What do you think about this app? How did you find this mobile app and the SBI reward scheme? Share your thoughts here.

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  1. Yesterday I buy etihad airways ticket but still I don’t have information kindly send me confirmation soon as soon possible my reference number CABF/FR/1113390 THANKS

    1. Hi Pramod,

      Did you register with the SBI Rewardz App? Then I think your transaction details will be updated there only. Otherwise you should give a call to SBI Rewardz customer care number.

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