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  1. I want to invest rs 1 lakhs per annum for my girl child. What is the best time to invest to get the maximum return? Will the change in government impact this scheme?

    1. I don’t think you can find the best time to invest ever. 🙂
      If you have a plan just execute it, in future the scheme might provide good return also.

  2. sir
    my daughter dob 9 april 2013 acount open 20 may 2015 deposit 5000 per month please tell me meturity amount
    please reply me

  3. sir my daughter dob 9/4/2013 hai mene account 20/05/2015 ko open karaya 5000 per month me jama krata hu muje maturity par kitna milega

  4. Hi,

    Would like to know, if the child becomes NRI during the course of these 21 years, will the scheme still hold good ?


  5. Hello dada
    My daughter’s DOB is 25th june 2011.plz suggest me the minimum premium for the scheme as I want her on some administrative post in future.I am a high school teacher by profession.

    1. Hi Sanjay,
      You can invest minimum Rs. 1000/- to maaximum Rs. 1,50,000/-. So choose wisely after calculating the amount required as per your future needs.

  6. sir i have invested to the Sukanya Samriddhi Account But This Scheme is Share Market Based Sir,
    Because these scheme interested is not fixed in the website information so please clear my doubt My relation once upon a time are invested to the post office lic scheme but he paid in 73000 but last Maturity amount is 68000 thousand why sir, So please details

    1. Hi Manju,

      Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme is nowhere linked with Share market. It is a small deposit post office scheme. I did not get your other questions, What is post office lic scheme?

  7. Sir, if I invest Rs 12000 per year, what will be the maturity value after 21 years?My girl’s DOB-23/05/2009

  8. Thank you so much for giving complete information about ukanya Samriddhi Account. I’ve one question for you. What us meant by interest is taxable and maturity amount in not taxable in Sukanya Samriddhi Account ???

  9. Hello Sir, This is Magal Singh. My daughter DOB is November 2, 2007. I want to know that if i deposit 5000/year. How much amount will be in the closing year.

    please guide me.


  10. Sir, if I invest Rs 10000 per year, what will be the maturity value after 21 years?My girl’s DOB-16/11/2011

    1. Hi Sanjay,

      After 21 years you can get around Rs 1,578,153, as per Sukanya Samriddhi Account calculator considering interest rate of 9.1% throughout. But don’t believe on that fully as it will be different based on various interest rate in coming years.

  11. sir,
    My girl’s age in 8 years, If I deposit Rs 12000.00 pa. then which year account will mature and how much the maturity value will be?

  12. Dear sir,

    Few of my collegues say, that Sukanya samriddhi account is not Tax free. The tax will be deducted at the time of maturity…. please explain..



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