LIC Term Insurance Plans – Online and Offline

Are you looking for LIC term insurance plans? Online term insurance plans are getting more popularity as people understand the importance of term insurance in their financial planning. LIC is the best insurance company when we talk about claim settlement ratio. In fact LIC has the largest network and a huge policy base when we compare with other insurance players. But when we talk about term insurance plans, LIC is still lagging compared to others. LIC has both online and offline term insurance plans in their kitty, but they are far behind from premium amount point of view compared to others.

LIC Term Insurance Plans – online & offline

Recently LIC has launched their first online term insurance plan, e Term plan. Besides that LIC had 2 offline term plans, Amulya Jeevan and Anmol Jeevan. But after IRDA changes few norms of insurance, LIC has re-launched them again with IRDA complaint and rename them to Amulya Jeevan – II and Anmol Jeevan – II. I have prepared a simple chart to display LIC term insurance plans available right now.

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LIC term insurance plans review

I have already shared individual policy reviews, but if you ask me about overall review then I think LIC e Term plan is far better than offline plans. But when you compared them with other online term insurance plans, then LIC is charging 3 times higher premium for the similar sum assured value. But don’t forget that LIC has the largest network and people trust LIC like anything. But when you choose a term plan, you have to consider all these factors and find out the best term plan. Besides that LIC has launched 3 new plans in 2015 and trying to target people who are looking for last minute income tax saving option.

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