10 Women’s Cricket Teams 2018 (ODI, T20)

Do you the who is the #1 ranked ICC Women cricket team in the world? Here I am sharing a list of the top 10 women’s cricket team as per ICCI rankings with their points, the number of matches played. Although a few years back only I have started watching Women’s cricket, after the recent highs of Indian women’s cricket in the world stage, it is really a proud factor for all of us.

Recently, with a nail-biting end to the world cup has been buzzing around and has really given a boost to the interest that people have shown in women cricket. Research on each and every player is done and proper competitive feel has run all over the world regarding cricket opportunities for women in the world. If you follow regular Women cricket news then you will find this article useful.

Top 10 Women’s Cricket Teams Ratings 2018 (ODI, T20)

The women teams are ranked overall on the basis of every match they play. Unlike in the case of Men cricket, ranks of the teams are assigned by combing the performance of all the three 3 formats of the game that is, test cricket, ODI cricket, and T20I cricket.

Whereas men teams have a different ranking system for all the three formats of the game. But there is a similarity between the basis of ranking the teams. After every match played, rating points are given to each team on their being on the winning or the losing side. The top 8 teams have recently participated in the Women’s World Cup 2017.

top 10 women cricket team
Source: https://www.icc-cricket.com/rankings/womens/team-rankings


In the first position, there is the Australian women team. Its performance in the recent world cup was a good one have they lost in the semifinals. This team after playing 62 matches overall plays a dominant role in the whole of the women’s cricket. The rating for this team has come out to be 128 and 7931 points which are the highest by any team.


On the second position comes the England women team. This team has recently achieved what all other teams dream of achieving. They are the ongoing World champions beating the Indian women in the finals. They have changed the way women cricket has been looked at in the recent past. The rating for this team is 125 and with 7017 points.

New Zealand

On the third place stands the New Zealand women team. This team has been able to perform moderately well to retain the third position on the ranking table. The rating and points for this team are 118 and 7655 respectively.


On the fourth place in the Indian Women Team. In the recent past, their performance has proved that they have a new confidence in them. They have been beaten by the English Women in finals, but looking at the quality of cricket they have played to reach the finals has to be appreciated. With 113 rating and 6905 points, they stand on the fourth position.

West Indies

The T20I World champions West Indies women team has the fifth place in the list. Unlike their performance in the T20I world cup, their performance in the ODI World cup was not up to the mark. They possess the rating of 105 and 6173 points.

South Africa

The Sixth place is retained by the South African Women. They have the rating of 93 and 7244 points which portrays their performance in the recent past.


The Pakistan Women team takes the seventh Their performance has not been to their best and they dropped a little behind in the ranking list. Rating is 73 and points scored are 4617.

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Women team has the Eighth position in the list and the last team which was considered to participate in the world cup. With the rating of 67 and points are 4026.


On the ninth place is the Bangladesh Women Team. Not being able to participate in the World cup they have to first clear the stage of world cup qualifiers for that purpose. They have the raring of 42 and 1254 points.


The tenth on the list is Ireland Women Team. This may be because not much importance to cricket is given in the country that reflects in their rating and points that is 33 and 1016.

So, which team you love to watch? Or do you really follow women’s cricket? If not you should start following them and motivate them to do well. I hope you will also find this list of top 10 women’s cricket teams 2018. Write a comment below and share your thoughts if any.

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